06 February 2020

Boundaries ~ Matt Kahn ~ 5 February 2020

Source: Matt Kahn

As you evolve, you learn to hold clear and consistent physical boundaries towards those who cannot abide peacefully in your presence, while sending them love anytime they arise in thought.

Sometimes, you cannot prevent attacks from happening, when it's meant as a wake up call to make crucial life changes involving those who aren't quite able to step into the potential you may see they are capable of becoming.

While you cannot prevent pain, it can be minimized by daring to learn from it. Such a viscerally intense teacher hopes to instill in you, so much self-worth and courage, that a threat of loss or inconvenience is outweighed by a willingness to put yourself in environments that feel most supportive.

Even if you are tired, exhausted, lonely, and at your wits end, you are worth all the effort in the world to create a more harmonious reality, even if it means saying goodbye to outdated chapters of your life’s story, in order to build a new one from the ground up.

No matter the odds that seem stacked against you or humanity, The Universe Always Has a Plan:

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