14 February 2020

Collapsing the Death Timeline ~ Jenny Schiltz ~ 12 February 2020

Source: Jenny Schiltz

As we move to higher and higher frequencies, all that is within us that can not last in the higher frequencies must go, this includes the death/dying timeline. I want to share with you what I perceived to be a personal experience, but Spirit has shown me that many have experienced something similar recently. I am also sharing with the hope that it brings clarity to what collapsing a prominent timeline can entail.

While I took a month off to really focus on the sacred passage we just went through, I went to the dentist to have a bad crown replaced with a tooth implant. It turned out that the cavity had gone below the gum line to the point where they recommended a bone graft as well. As they were putting in the cadaver bone, I was instantly shown a woman laying on a stretcher being wheeled into the emergency room. I didn’t follow the image as I knew I needed to stay present and grounded during the procedure. I promptly forgot about it until I woke the next day with this woman in my vision. Again I was shown her being wheeled into the ambulance bay and realized that it was in that moment that she died.

She showed me that her life was not what she wanted it to be. She had a life of disappointment, health issues, and chronic pain. She was under 50 when her life ended and the sadness was overwhelming. The hardest part was that I knew that it could have been my story. I also knew that she had not crossed over at her time of death.

I called a shaman friend to assist me with crossing over the woman as I was in no shape to do it alone. As we worked with the woman, the information came in that while she needed assistance, it was me that would receive the deep healing.

A week prior to this I had been in meditation and was shown the Weavers and my own personal loom. Click here to read that blog. What I didn’t share in that blog was that they showed me I actually had 3 looms still being weaved. These were timelines that were still playing out. There were also many looms that were no longer running and they explained that these are personal timelines that have already collapsed.

As I sat with the energy of the woman who donated her bone to my jaw, I had to come face to face with the fact that there was still a piece of me that had been playing out a life of chronic pain, disconnect, and disappointment. There was still a piece of me that didn’t believe that good health, connection and having dreams and goals fulfilled could be mine.

I was overcome with gratitude as I realized that this woman had experienced my deepest fears. At first, she was resistant to cross as she felt the only purpose for her life was her donated parts. She was able to tap into those who benefited from them. It was explained to her that she could cross and still be able to view those who have her parts but from a much higher perspective. I was overcome with gratitude as I realized that this woman had experienced my deepest fears, it was this gratitude for her life that made her soul beam and helped her to cross over beautifully.

While I was happy to assist, this was the easy part. Now I had to collapse the timeline where my life ended early and full of disappointment. As always the universe brings me exactly what I need to see and understand.

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