03 February 2020

CoronaVirus Disruption (Energetically Programmed Audio) 冠狀病毒破坏 (音疗研究院) ~ Sapien Medicine ~ 25 January 2020

Here's another antidote ~ this one is from Sapien Medicine. I've used their tracks before (for negative energy transmutation). Again, proceed only if this is comfortable for you.

Please listen to the audio track here. There is an option to download the track in the description section.


This is programmed to work specifically on the corona family of viruses.

Share to who ever needs. Free to download on Gumroad in the url below.

It is programmed to use an energetic simulant of laser light, within the visible (purple) spectrum targeted directly to the virus (within the Corona family of viruses). Direct coercion of the immune to create the T cells to kill it and a direct information to the virus cells to shut down the replication system.

它被编程为专门用于处理冠状病毒的家族。 分享給需要的人。 在下方Gumroad的网站里可以免费下载这段音频。

它被編程為使用高能激光(可见光谱里的紫色)模擬物以便直接针对病毒(冠状病毒家族)。 控制免疫系统去制造 T细胞来杀死冠状病毒,並直接向病毒提供信息以关闭复制系统。

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