20 February 2020

Earth Intelligence Report: February 2020 ~ Brad Johnson ~ 19 February 2020

Source: Brad Johnson

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This is the transcript of a deep trance channeling from the Earth Collective Consciousness for this report.

We shall begin this transmission in the way of serving the higher principles of love, of joy, and of compassion.

In your current time flow, you are noticing a great upheaval pertaining to en masse events that cloak deeper intentions behind themselves. For as the collective consciousness of the Earth expands to greater heights, the deceptions of fearful events shall take place due to the current energetic alignment of the collective consciousness in question. This will relate to the speculations of intending war upon other countries as well as highly spreading information regarding a popularized virus attempting to create a fear-agenda throughout the planet. This holds a vibrational onslaught attempting to assign greater fear upon the planet. As such fear tendencies come together, this is all an attempt to create a controlling vibration to the masses. The fear to travel to different places. The fear that others may be infected. The fear that your own medical industries are the only ones who can save you from this epidemic.

It is important for you to know that this agenda is indeed perpetrated by the very medical industries themselves. To engineer a specific virus and therefore create an appropriate vaccination all for the largest consumption of greed imposed upon many of you. You must understand that these ordeals have been intricately planned for many of your years. This is not the only virus that has been utilized in this way to gain immense profit from the population. We ask that you not involve yourselves in such scenarios that have been contrived through these industries. We ask also that you not involve yourselves pertaining to the propaganda agendas relating to warfare. These are all imposed through your collective consciousness in a strong influence to feed the wealth of the greedy. To feed the wealth of the few over the many. Do not fall for these agendas. For once you understand that money itself is involved, involving also heavy greedy and corrupt factors altogether, that all agendas are falsehoods and are to be transcended.

You have the capability to making yourselves completely healthy in body, mind and in spirit. You must be wary pertaining to such industries and corporations that only have the intentions for greed and for control. Phase such presences out of your life. For they hold nothing but corruption, greed and selfishness from within themselves. These are shown because you are learning to rely upon yourselves.

The Earth is shifting momentously into higher levels of being. Many human beings are shifting themselves into greater states of self-realization. Through these shifts shall come greater prosperity and greater innovations upon your planet that shall be in greater service. This is what we encourage.

Have you given thought to cleaning your oceans? Have you given thought to cleaning your air? Have you given thought to feeding many of yourselves by working with the Earth on a larger scale? These are the things to dwell upon. How can you continue to work together harmoniously? By dissolving the old systems that pertain to greed, selfishness and corruption.

Transcending those old forms and shifting into new ways that assist yourselves and others as well as the animals upon your planet and the nature that surrounds you. This is all of yours to take care of. You are the stewards of the Earth. Therefore, we would encourage you to follow what you have come here to accomplish. Correcting yourself. To help other fellow humans. To help the creatures of this planet. To maintain and establish greater connections with nature bringing her into a delightful harmony with all other beings upon the Earth. This is the reminder that we wish to give you all.

This concludes the Earth Intelligence Report.

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