15 February 2020

Evolving in the Realisation of Your Own Mastery ~ Matt Kahn ~ 14 February 2020

Source: Matt Kahn

The Universe always serves and responds based solely on its view of you as an Avatar of Source. Contrary to popular belief, the Universe isn’t manifesting your reality based upon your thoughts, beliefs, ideas, or viewpoints. It knows you are evolving in the realization of your own mastery, where the conclusions drawn as a result of each encounter are merely giving you limiting ideas to outgrow en route to the complete and absolute realization of all that you are.

You are here, steeped in a sacred healing journey, where each and everything that happens is only in complete allegiance and absolute support of the evolving Master awakening in you. Whether attracting the perception of abundance, miracles, or adversities, the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, or conclusions you have about yourself do not change until the remembrance of your Divine nature is wholeheartedly remembered and fully integrated.

No matter your opinions of the things happening, or each desire for it to be different from how it is, everything is happening only to bring about the highest degree of evolution in the most direct and immediate way. Your free will isn’t always able to control the hands of destiny, but your fate exists in having the freedom and ability to see it however you wish it to be seen.

Simply put, your willingness and ability to know yourself beyond the confines of limitation remains the cornerstone of your ongoing expansion. How compassionately you view others, creates greater space for a more expansive view of you to dawn. Equally so, the more highly you regard yourself in the way the Universe has always known you to be, amplifies your ability to respond to others with peaceful loving awareness, so to provide others the opportunity to know themselves as expressions and extensions of our One Eternal Source.

Rest well in knowing you already are the everything you’ve been striving to be with greater relief and perspective provided for those with less and less to prove to themselves.

The light of Heavenly glory is here. It is what you are, have been, and shall always be — no matter how you see yourself, others, or anything else. Soon, the tendency to see through veils of limitation will be outgrown, and it occurs, by allowing the love of Source to be received through your willingness to love yourself as often as authentically possible.

Welcome home awakening soul.

Welcome home.

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