12 February 2020

Faith and Phase 2 ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 11 February 2020

Before this message from Denise Le Fay alarms anyone unnecessarily, I will say that yes, it's true what she's written and there is a large group of LWs who have gone through excruciating times to get to where we are now. I used to say it's like going uphill, with both hands tied behind our backs, ball and chains on both feet.....blindfolded. This is largely the First Wavers ~ I try not to use labels but this is to explain that I'm referring to the first ones who went through the Ascension Process decades ago ~ and I have described the experience as those who had to clear the wild jungle so others can make their way through it much more easily. This group also had to do the clearing in the densest of times, when there was very little Light quotient on the Planet, and when the Collective Consciousness of Humanity was practically unconscious. There were no manuals, no internet, and most Wayshowers were wayshowing from inside closets.

Presently, the AP is going much quicker (although some symptoms are way more intense ~ like what I call the electric acupuncture) there is so much Light bombarding our Planet and Humanity, so many public Wayshowers available etc. The process does not need to be the overly-long, overly painful and overly-tortured path most of the First Wavers had to go through. However, one major block that has manifested in the "newer" waves is the rise of the Spiritual Ego ~ that one alone can be a huge impediment.

And again, RELEASE RELEASE RELEASE.....that's one of the biggest Spiritual Tools we all have.

Source: High Heart Life

My Ascension Process began when my Uranus Opposition transit started on my 39th birthday the last week of December 1990. By January and February of 1991, it was seriously underway completely dismantling my life, my relationships, career, place of residence and all else. My life changed dramatically at that time exactly as Uranus Opposition and the coming ascension intended and I spent 1991 through 1998 doing constant Inner Work on myself primarily etherically in dreams but in awake altered and meditational states too. Those eight years were my time to get my inner emotional house in order, meaning seeing, feeling, resolving and finally releasing lifelong emotional issues I had with anyone. Shockingly, eight years wasn’t nearly enough time, but I was able to excavate many of the worst thick top layers of my personal inner stuff and junk.

For me those eight years of inner emotional Work was important prep Work for the start of Phase 1 of the Ascension Process. That physical level started for some of the First Everythingers in 1998 or 1999. My physical Ascension Process started in my physical body on February 1, 1999. Inner etheric level emotional Work first for eight years to prepare and lighten the inner load for what was coming, which was the start of the Ascension Process in the First Wave group of Volunteers in and through their physical bodies and selves. Second and Third Wave groups of Volunteer First Everythingers, Forerunners, Pathpavers etc. followed throughout all of Phase 1 of the Ascension Process — 1998 thru 2019.

Here we now are in the beginning of Phase 2 of the Ascension Process in February 2020, and my physical body is registering this much higher octave of evolutionary energies in some extra Sensitive, painful and exaggerated ways just like it did in February 1999 with Phase 1. And, I got depressed for a while in January and early February over feeling my physical body going through this AGAIN (and losing a relationship friend) but now at a higher energy octave than it did throughout Phase 1. It’s like, oh dear gawd I can’t do this again! to which I instantly knew I could. 

We’ll party later, I promise, but for now there’s some more Work to be done by each of us. It will go much faster than the first dense and nasty twenty-one yearlong Phase 1, but it will cause some brief moments of doubt and concern in us over these higher Phase 2 energies within our physical bodies. Just exactly how much Source God Higher Self Soul fits in a physical human body suit anyway? Far more than you’d ever believe possible. We may need to buy bigger clothing for Phase 2 however! I currently feel like I’m going to explode, again, and it’s worse now than it’s ever been and I’ve had this particular ascension side effect since February 1999. Making more room for more of the really Higher stuff in ones physical body does get painful at times. We’ll adapt. Take your bra off, put on baggy clothing, surrender to becoming more.

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