05 February 2020

February 2020 Energy Update ~ MTVO ~ 4 February 2020

Source: Masters of the Void

Welcome to February πŸ’—

What an amazing opportunity to get an intimate understanding of your personality and the lenses you perceive the world through. The key to seeing who you really are, beyond the personality, will be creating pauses in your day-to-day life this month. When something comes up and you feel pulled to respond immediately, just take a moment to pause and come back to center before acting.

No matter how justified we might think our feelings or emotions are in the moment, if we let them lead us then we the spiritual being are no longer in the driver's seat.

Movie recommendation: Life of Pi
TV show recommendation: Legion Season 2 (be aware there is fairly graphic content to process; watch only if you're ready for it)

Helpful hacks:

Body sync-up trick:
Take a breath and hold it for 15 seconds, then slowly exhale for at least 18 seconds. Then connect your two thumbs and take another breath in. Then disconnect the thumbs and exhale. Then take another breath in, and while holding the breath, touch your big toes together and hold for 15 seconds and exhale for 21 seconds.

Personality matrix update:
Say, "I am ready to let go of the stories I have been and become who I am." Start tapping your third eye for a few moments, then tap the top of your head, then tap both temples. Take a deep breath and hold for a moment. As you exhale, notice the subtle changes in your reality and celebrate them to complete the process.

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