07 February 2020

February Forecast: Vibrational Magnetism Creates the Parallel Reality of New Earth ~ Aja Andromeda ~ 3 February 2020

Please listen in here.

Among other things, Aja Andromeda talks about how we can now manifest in a new way ~ which she calls Emanation ~ by going into the Zero Point and releasing all that does not serve us, and from within our Multidimensional structure, completely New Worlds emerge into existence. These new fields of reality create a Vibrational Magnetism that pulls in more of the creation.

Aja also reminds us that we are Multidimensional, to start living our lives in that mode and being the counterpoint to the lower fields. This would include lessening our dependence on distractions like our phones.

"Trust the process, trust yourselves."
"There is no room for fear in the next octave of your Embodiment."

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