10 February 2020

High Sight, Deep Dives & Ice-Cream....

My Plant Deli
We're not even halfway through February and 2020 is already stamping (more like hot-branding) its mark on Humanity. It has been indescribable. "Surreal" is an understatement. The best I can come up with is, it's like eating all 19 flavours of My Plant Deli's ice-cream all at the same time (I was neither asked nor paid to advertise ๐Ÿ˜‡ )!! We are seemingly experiencing dozens of realities simultaneously.

With all that the Cosmos is throwing at us, our Collective Consciousness simply must shift to higher octaves, there's just no other way to get around it. As we gain inexorably in Consciousness, we reap the rewards of Spiritual Maturity and become increasingly anchored in higher vibrations. This allows us to process faster (whatever it is we are all constantly having to process ~ and yes, it is my belief that as an Awakened/Ascending Collective, we do this not only for ourselves but for the Whole as well, to a sufficient degree) and facilitates easier access to our Higher Guidance/Higher Assistance.

As we get through more and more of these shifts/processes, the world appears to us to be more and more alien. The growing chasm accentuates the absolute absurdity of how Humanity has been trained and programmed to live their Lives, so much so that it's easy now to increasingly detach and drop the old ways of "living" and at the same time, motivate ourselves to create Authenticity in all that we do and live.

Our mindsets must by now be residing much more in the higher frequencies than the lower ~ this means that our perspectives must also be from a higher vantage point. We can no longer afford to use those old 3D glasses to view the world....they need to be chucked away for good, and replaced by Higher Sight. Only from a higher perspective can we create "higher", and manifestation of our Heaven on Earth will accelerate. Quantum Leaping is the way to go, extrapolation will only become a hindrance.

I will use an analogy. Many years ago, while helping to keep an eye on a small class of youngsters, I thought I would keep them occupied by giving them something to work on. My question to them ~ assuming you are a top Rocket Scientist and nothing is impossible, how would you design the latest space propulsion system? They were "gifted" kids in their early teens, and it was an Aerospace class, so I assumed they would come up with amazing and literally out-of-this-world answers. My expectation was sadly over-optimistic. Each one of them gave extrapolated answers based on existing projectile propulsion concepts ~ they all came up with "better" versions of the existing ones.

If we continue to look at what's unfolding around us with 3D filters, we will not be able to break free easily and reach higher perspectives. This also applies to the information we are receiving from others ~ some come from old filters while many have started to go/have been quantum.

A few days ago, I had a most vivid dream ~ I've not had one that was so vivid and in such high definition for a while. I was "driving" (I can't be sure if I was actually driving or the vehicle drove itself, but I was at the "driver's" seat) some sort of mag-lev vehicle, and I had passengers. Suddenly, the vehicle came to a sharp, steep slope, a very long decline was ahead. The Observer-Me was alarmed but the Dream-Me was totally unfazed and unperturbed, and proceeded without decelerating.

Down, down, down we went....the deeper we travelled, the more the vista opened up . The landscape at the bottom...! It's like taking the top 144 most scenic spots on the Planet and amalgamating them altogether to make the most exquisitely gorgeous view. Mountains, lakes, trees, flora, sky, clouds....Beauty beyond measure.

I didn't really understand the dream. That steep slope was seriously scary stuff, and I was concerned that I would be required to take an extremely deep plunge at some point. As you would know, most of us have had to take plenty of deep plunges to get to where we are now, and while they all led to more of Who We Truly Are, they aren't necessarily the most fun things to experience.

I left it at that, having Faith that more would be revealed when the Time is right.

And that Time came....via Aluna Joy Yaxk'in's "How to Hear & Trust Your Heart". In that message, Aluna wrote:
One side effect of this process has been a free fall into a deeper level of surrender than we have ever experienced. 
That sentence practically jumped out at me! Yes, that was the explanation I had wanted, and it made total sense. As if to underscore and highlight this, I had a discussion with a couple of people the day after, where one of them wanted to relocate. We couldn't think of any specific place, and her circumstances appear to be negating this intention to move . After a short while, she said she would trust that the location that was perfect for her would reveal itself when the time is right.

Okay, dream message received loud and clear! ๐Ÿ˜„

I started off talking about ice-cream, and I feel like ending with ice-cream. I've written about this before some time ago, but I'll recap briefly. Please remember that yes, "We Are All One" but we also originate from different places, Star Systems, Galaxies, and even Universes. Now more than ever before ~ because we are becoming more and more of Who We Truly Are ~ we will settle more and more into our own "flavour" of ice-cream. We are all ice-cream, but we carry different signatures, different flavours. What works for one may not work for everyone else, and there's no "one way" to navigate this Ascension path, because we are all on our own paths with our own Soul codes and missions.
Namaste and many Blessings ๐Ÿ’›

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