08 February 2020

How to Hear and Trust Your Heart ~ Aluna Joy Yaxk'in & the Star Elders ~ 6 February 2020

This is such an excellent message from Aluna Joy Yaxk'in. It basically expresses everything that many of us are thinking, feeling and experiencing. Thank you, Aluna 💖

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

Maintain your center while navigating chaotic times

2020 is proving to be a huge pivotal point in our spiritual evolution. We are only into 2020 for a few weeks now, and we can already feel its powerful impact on how we see, think, feel and create. It feels surreal like we are physically in between worlds. We are striving to embody the rest of our ethereal higher self into our awkward, human, space suit . . . all while the quickly rising frequencies are vibrating us like we are in a giant, paint mixer. Pulses of energy are hitting us with greater intensity than ever before. These extremes in energy are making it very difficult for empaths and sensitives, so hang on. We are deep into the ascension process now. And . . . finding a coherent and grounded way to speak about all that we are experiencing is, well . . . challenging.

I started noticing things shifting just before 2020 began. I could see a generalized constriction in all of our energy fields. It feels like we are in an odd holding pattern between worlds, stuck between time, reality and our future. It has made us feel like we cannot leap forward or go back as well. I began watching for clues to why this was happening, so I could understand what is taking place, and where in the universe this was all going.

First, I was shown that our vision and perceptions have greatly expanded to hold widely, diverse perspectives. Simply put, we are taking in much more incoming energy. We are used to seeing reality by navigating the world with a narrow-beamed, flash light, like the vision of a mouse. We are now operating with a full spectrum lantern that lights up absolutely everything, like the vision of an eagle. This is assisting us to live in full embodiment (living masters) where we can create from the whole; not just a fraction of possibility. We will also begin to live and create from every aspect of ourselves. This means from our entire soul, including all our bodies . . . mental, spiritual, physical, even ethereal and multidimensional. This is opening up our field of creative possibility beyond anything that we have ever experienced in this body.

In ancient Inca traditions, in the current age, the 3D body of humanity has been operating from 48 universal laws. These laws keep us safe until we grow, awaken, and evolve. Then there comes a point in time when we rise up another full octave where we can operate more freely with only 24 laws. This new freedom comes with more personal responsibility. We are in this elevation process now. This gives us a tremendous amount of additional opportunities with much less physical, emotional and spiritual restrictions. We will begin to create and manifest in ways that we had only dreamed of previously. So in the beginning of this process, it is normal to want to hunker down and lay low. It is normal to feel overwhelmed. It is normal to have a hard time making choices. It is normal to change our minds over and over, and it is really normal to feel like a human yo-yo . . . at least for now.

We have been used to following our inner calling, our energy flow, for many decades now. But what is shifting is that we are not just following but becoming this energy as well! This is part of our ascension process. We are now matching the higher frequencies that we have been following. Because we are living from these higher frequencies, it makes it harder to be clear about the present and know what is the next step. Let me give you an example. If you light a candle in a dark room, the candle lights up the entire room, yes? If you light a candle in the full light of day, the candle is hardly noticeable because there is not much contrast between light and dark. We have begun to shine as bright as the energy flow that we have been following. Our human space suit, that is programmed to survive, has been struggling with this new situation. Our humanness can't see or feel the flow like it used to, and this can trigger fear and other paralyzing body emotions. It is perfectly normal for our human space suit to be wary of the unknown. It is a primal survival mechanism. So . . . we can feel confused, stalled and a little lost.

With the lack of contrast, we are being pushed to develop deeper, more refined and subtler ways to find and follow our flow, while being the flow itself. So don't think you have lost your flow, you are just learning to see it in a new way. One side effect of this process has been a free fall into a deeper level of surrender than we have ever experienced.

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