13 February 2020

Jason Estes Update ~ 13 February 2020

5-point Heart Influx on the 14th....it will be interesting to see how it unfolds in the midst of this commercialised day.

Source: Jason Estes


Welcome to the Body speed up phase

its very important you move your body stretch and keep it hydrated as this phase is making room in the body

it will be a heavy detox headaches vomiting and vertigo are all very common

when the body runs faster it also burns through resources faster so staying hydrated can be harder to maintain

remember taking that few minutes to bless everything that comes into your body can really make all the difference in these phases

we also have a 5pt heart influx on 14th which is like 5 days inside of one and working specifically on the heart itself so be ready for stuff to come up around love and perceptions of it

this phase is designed to make it possible for us to handle what comes next with the personality detox 7pt brain influxes next week so do your best to make the most out of the window ::hugs::


  1. Thank you! Good to know what's coming :D

    1. You're welcome :) I find Jason's information very helpful and supportive. Many Blessings