26 February 2020

March 2020: Energy Update ~ Jason Estes ~ 26 February 2020


Source: Jason Estes


Welcome to March

This month is designed to unlock the infinite gate within the heart so we can remember our true origins

much like February this is a month full of strong influxes and powerful transformation, the good news is this is the final hard push on our bodies

the remaining months are pretty much aimed at the field and the soul map itself

that being said remember your tools this month and be open to exploring new ones

remember your not alone and most of all remember to make your experience fun regardless of what it is you can celebrate your alive ::hugs::

March data point home state: 138pt

March Influxes:
4th 11pt Heart
5th 11pt Heart
6th 11pt Heart
7th 11pt Heart
8th 11pt Heart
11th 8pt Heart
16th 5pt Field
18th 9pt Heart
20th 5pt Brain
24th 8pt Field
30th 7pt Soul Map

March special events:
1-5th Template Test
4th-8th Heart Re-connection Window
18th-20th Body Speed Up Phase

Movie recommendation: August Rush, The Ultimate Gift, Peaceful Warrior

T.V. Shows: The Good Place Season 4, Being Erica Season 1-4, Humans 2.0

With the amount of energy we are being asked to process i would recommend some form of minerals cell salts and adaptogen to assist the body.

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