04 February 2020

Jason Estes Update ~ 3 February 2020

Deeeeep breath in, deeeeper breath out..... and let go even more.

Source: Jason Estes


The prewave for the 3pt brain influx has started, remember that this is like the trial run for that whole week of 7s so really pay attention to the stuff that comes up and work through it as best you can

take this time to add a daily reflection practice to your life where at the end of each day you go back through the whole day to forgive yourself and others and learn the lessons and understand why they came

doing this right before bed can assist on so many levels, keep in mind the brain is also how we process energies from the heavens so this will be making room for more of our own divine understanding to come in so if you feel creative or innovative in this time make sure to write those things down or drawn or design them ::hugs::

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