08 February 2020

Jason Estes Update ~ 7 February 2020

For those who follow Jason Estes' updates, this one is super important to be aware of....

Source: Jason Estes


You made it through the first brain influx and template tests

take a moment to celebrate and to reflect on what you learned through out the process, as we begin to reprogram our realities and our thought forms through this massive month of personality detox

keep in mind that all that is happening is for you to make room to expand into the real you and on that note we are going to be going into the prewave for the Body speed up phase tomorrow

like with all body speed ups its advised to fast or do some form of liquid diet to assist the body to handle the energy however as always please talk with you body and find what works for you, remember the 5min fast trick also helps so you can do that if your body is asking for something

Body speed up phases burn through tons of dross so you might find yourself feeling flu like or simply freezing cold then hot for no reason this is completely normal as the body speeds up it will detox out faster then it refills

to assist your body with this process i recommend taking a few moments several times a day to fill your body with Light of God or positive affirmations and give your body gratitude and all the support it needs as its taught a new level to run on

last thing to note because you will be emptying much faster pay attention to what you allow to fill that space it will save you lifetimes of work in the future to be hyper aware and keep your space and field clear ::hugs::

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