10 February 2020

Laura Eisenhower Updates ~ 9 February 2020

Source: Laura Eisenhower

The hardest thing I think we have all gone through is feeling abandoned, neglected, abused and some far more than others. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t feel our pain cause someone had it worse.

Eventually we have to learn to survive and accept no one is going to show up to help and we are all alone. That is the illusion we are breaking cause we are always connected to Nature, Cosmos and Spirit and being with that attracts our true partners and friends.

Expectations can create reminders that we need to locate it within and recover our Sovereignty. That is where we awaken though.

These are the times we find our inner-light and Spark of Spirit. We only keep reincarnating so we can remember this and so create crazy story lines to be able to dig deep enough to find our hidden treasures.

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Whatever we are going through that causes our life to shift in unexpected ways and whatever we might think is wrong with us is really just an understandable reaction to the Bullshit of life.

It’s actually what is right and it is our Truth and it will guide us home. If we misunderstand it or allow others to overly project on us and then believe it, we may get lost. We need to just close the door (boundaries not blocks) and take space to remember ourselves.

If we are holding on to the horrors we have experienced or witnessed without our higher self reassurance and unconditional Love, we may waste our time trying to figure out something that may never make sense and therefore remain stuck, unconscious or victimized.

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