07 February 2020

Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth REALities: Physical LightBodies and Fields Always TUNING Whole Body/BEing/Everything to a Much Higher Frequency than Before... ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 5 February 2020

Source: Awakening to Remembering

New Activation Article (Excerpt)

Challenges are important, because they are how each works through Ego Separation and deep programming held within. All of these fixed mentalities and linear beliefs (energies) have to be "reworked" and fully processed by each from deep within. The Ego Aspect attempts/tries to hold onto old ways, others/things and realities constructed from "outdated" programs/ways/beliefs...
This is Heart-Closed (so the mind is closed). The human aspect "thinks" it's heart is open, yet if there are any protection mechanisms, safety mechanisms or fears still present, then the mind is still in control, forgo the heart is not completely open as "thought".

Your/Our Soul is PURE. It is FREE and OBSERVES ALL AS LOVE... and SEES from a very different place/perspectives than the human ego aspect does. When each's SOUL is truly PRESENT, it's beyond BEAUTIFUL and there are no distortions playing out like before... YOUR SOUL IS YOU, OPERATING FROM THE 5TH-12TH DIMENSIONS (each physical dimension serves different purposes/roles). It LITERALLY LIVES IN HEAVEN ON EARTH, IS PURE HEAVEN AND EXPERIENCES HEAVEN AS ACTUAL REALITY, recognizing the ego aspect as a little child, unconscious and a version of "hell". This is where each CHOOSES which reality to ALLOW as an ACTUAL EXPERIENCE... To Consciously CHOOSE HEAVEN, MEANS TO RELINQUISH ALL EGO GAMES AND LIVE FROM PURITY INSIDE.... And allow your body to clear the “hell template” (will share more on this later)...................................

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