03 February 2020

New Level of Connection, Openness, Vulnerability and Sharing ~ Lee Harris ~ 2 February 2020

Source: Lee Harris

This decade is going to bring a lot of challenge with it, but also a lot of energy of transformation, so you will see a lot of magical synchronicity, connections, and opportunities coming up around the work that you do, the mission that you're here for, but equally, play.

This relates to this new level of connection, openness, vulnerability, and sharing that is available on the planet. It doesn't mean you should sit at home and wait for it to knock at your door, we definitely have to be proactive.

We definitely have to recognize when we've been shut at home for too many years, and wonder why we feel isolated. Isolation is one of the issues that we have now as theme on the planet, so we have to take steps and make strides to walk out of isolation.

-From January 2020 Energy Update

Read/Watch the full Energy Update here: http://bit.ly/january2020eu

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