20 February 2020

New Space Opening Up ~ Lee Harris ~ 19 February 2020

A new space is opening up for your body and your consciousness

Source: Lee Harris

Over the last couple of decades, there has been this growing complexity in consciousness and where we and our human consciousness can reside and how we can, to some degree, be connected to each other, but be having very unique experiences that are whereas previously in history they would have wanted to butt heads against each other or go into conflict, now there is a bit more peace and space between them. ⁣

So, this has been birthing for the last couple of decades, but you're going to start to notice that you might be feeling far more dimensionally separate to the people around you, to people you are close to, and it's a whole new operating system.⁣

So it's not necessarily a bad thing, you might start to experience this as very empowering. It might start to feel to you that, "Wow, I'm really beginning to inhabit myself in an all new way, and I'm still connected to these people, but I don't have to get enmeshed in the way that I used to. I don't get triggered the way I used to. I actually can feel more love for the people I'm around." But it's actually a level of dimensional separation. ⁣

You're inhabiting a dimension that you may have been working towards for years through your healing, through psychically connecting, developing your intuition. It's almost like a new space is opening up for your body and in some ways we can look at it as consciousness that has risen, but you'll be very viscerally experiencing it.⁣

-From February 2020 Energy Update⁣

Watch the February 2020 Energy Update here: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/february-2020-energy-update

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