04 February 2020

Paul Dobree-Carey Update ~ 4 February 2020

Source:  Paul Dobree-Carey

Your current role in experiencing duality as a grounded physical aspect of your Soul’s multidimensional Self provides many differing insights and realisations to increase your knowledge and expand your understanding.

Your current existence is shaped by the culmination of events experienced by you in this lifetime. You are awakening to the fact that there is a greater part of YOU that is revealing itself gradually to your awareness.

You gain experience by exposing yourself to ‘lesson’s’ which bring to you unique opportunities from which to gain understanding. The sheer number of unique energies you can potentially encounter can create complexity which can be overwhelming.

Choosing the quantity and type of experiences you are exposed to will allow you to filter only those that will be important to assist with your own growth and help you deal with various aspects at a pace suitable to you.

By increasing or overloading the number of energy inputs to the physical, mental and emotional bodies at any one time requires a greater level of ‘processing’ and retention of ‘potential’ growth opportunities.

Allow a child to choose what to eat for a day and the cupboard would be empty of sweets and remain full of vegetables. Remove the sweets and they would complain of being hungry because there was nothing to eat.

At these times, the internal expansion of the Sixth Sense of Awareness is letting you know what is truly food for the Soul rather than sweets for the Ego. Sweets satisfy but vegetables sustain.

A child does not automatically recognize within its human nature that what grows naturally is best for holistic well being . The child seeks to meet its wants in the simplest quickest manner without thought, effort or control. It is the role of the parent to guide and gradually introduce a healthier Way of Living to the children they have been entrusted with to raise.

Many parents do not follow these practices either. In ancient days, All followed a set of guidelines laid down by culture, nationality and religion which determined the Way to Be. The archetypes of Being have become so diluted to individuality, many have turned away from that which was and now struggle to find purpose and desperately seek guidance to satisfy an insatiable appetite and internal hunger for meaning in their lives.

If you choose your food carefully, take little in quantity, savour its colour, its taste and texture, enjoy it and choose a wide variety of food that you ‘know’ is good for you and be grateful of what it provides you, then you will receive maximum energy and will benefit from your ‘relationship’ with the food you consume as an energy source to you.

If you greedily consume all the food you can because it is available, to get as many different tastes and flavours as you can manage, to move quickly from one food to the next, to expand the number of choices you can experience without regard to the method of consumption. These methods will lead to an over expansion of retained energies, many of which provide little value or are even detrimental due to excessive ‘weight’ in any one area.

Excessive inputs on an emotional, mental and physical level all lead to a large number of energies which become dense in nature due to over abundance. Too much to think about, too many emotional issues to deal with, too much consumption and retention of food and drink.

Simplify your life, reduce the energetic stimulations that you receive, learn to deal with a lesser number of inputs and shape your life and then you will learn to build upon this until you can comfortably handle all that you require to grow.

Turn fat into lean, turn confusion into clarity, turn frustration into joy.

The choice has always been yours.

With Loving Blessings

Paul Dobree-Carey / Polaris AB
Blue Ray Cosmic Messenger
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