21 February 2020

Recaps, Process Support + Latest Available States ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 20 February 2020

** UPDATE: What Amanda Lorence goes through in this webinar is powerful. I strongly recommend listening if you haven't yet done so **

For those (like me) who were not able to join live.  I'll add very brief notes at the bottom of post.

Video update from Amanda Lorence:
Link for Part 1
Link for Part 2

Amanda's text pertaining to above videos:

I told a close friend some weeks ago, that when the followers reached 14400, I knew it was because of something significant. Now we know why...This weeks energies....The videos Part 1 & 2 below this post (Grace: links given above) explain current energies and the embodiment potential that is here for all πŸ™Œ One love beautiful beings πŸ’™πŸŒπŸ’™

** Highlights:
  • Many many will be going through December 2019 Solstice portal in March 2020 (YAYYYY!!!)
  • So currently many facing death of small self (personality, identity, labels)
  • Vast amounts of letting go, triggers etc 
  • Birth of Higher Self in the human ~ end of Stage 1, commencing Stage 2 (similar to what Denise Le Fay has reported) which is the human learning to become the Higher Self
  • Pace picks up in Stage 2, our life's "program" (Soul script) ends and we collapse 4D within and increase our energetic frequency ~ we're able to see the illusions
  • (Personal note: I think it's important to stress here that what Amanda said is so crucial for us to remember ~ we not only see our own 3D world collapsing but we also collapse our spiritual illusions when we are transitioning 4D....CLARITY)
@15-minute mark
  • Triggers/patterns show us lessons and what we need to clear, sometimes it seems that the same lesson presents itself repeatedly ~ it's because within one pattern there can be many lessons (like a spiral as we go higher, where we "see" differently a higher level of truth as we ourselves increase our own frequency), we can only see based on our energetic frequency
  • Distraction is the biggest thing that slows our Ascension journey ~ we cannot go up the trunk of the tree is we are always on the branches
  •  Another hindrance to our path is when we are not being our higher version (as we progress "higher") after each "level"
  • Cosmic Integrity: DO NO HARM
  • Also applies to thoughts, being totally responsible in through, word and deed
  • Allow others their own path
 @28-minute mark
  • 2020 ~ when all belief systems collapse ~ individual / Collective / Spiritual, anything that is a belief system has to go. This is to end all SUFFERING. All belief systems cause suffering. We return once again to the Innocence of the Child
  • We can't go through the Eye of the Needle if we are bloated with our belief systems, attachments etc
  • It's our own unique storyline that takes us back to Source, and we can only access this from within, all of it is becoming Master of our own reality
  • We become the Observer of our physical "dream", and then progress to becoming creator-in-Consciousness of our awakened reality
@44-minute mark
  • We didn't fit in 3D world, then we found our spiritual communities, soul groups etc (4D). Then we find that we don't fit in again, and are utterly and totally lost all over again, and feel misaligned even with spiritual communities because we are dissolving 4D illusions and are between worlds 
Video 2 
  • This is because, if we are becoming Consciousness of Oneness, we have to detach from even Humanity
  • Recap: March 2020 ~ Birth of Higher Self / followed by healing & clearing of emotional trauma / 4D reality (spiritual arena as illusion) collapses, major individual, collective and universal belief systems collapse within each individual / detachment and letting go of Humanity, which is only one aspect of Consciousness / major wave of energies enter, experienced as higher and higher Love frequency
  • Then we are ready for the Embodiment Stage ~ this energy arrived on 18 February, frequency of Christ Consciousness, 5D energetic abilities come online
  • This is the stage of embodying energy of God within us, we then live from the Heart that knows God as within oneself.


  1. sounds like Sadhgurus enlightenment .

    "For the first time I did not know
    which is me and which is not me"

    "Sadhguru's Enlightenment - In His Own Words"

    may we all be blessed by Conciousness of Oneness

    1. That is so beautifully said! Thank you for sharing this, Stefan, many Blessings :)