03 February 2020

Resistance & Abuse ~ Matt Kahn ~ 1 February 2020

Source: Matt Kahn

My intention of sharing this is to dispel a major spiritual myth, where so many brightly shining empathic beings tend to judge themselves by assuming either the worst is happening or the reason the best hasn't happened is due to a feeling of resistance. Even if there is no resistance in your experience, many will assume they must be some obscure level of resistance as a way of justifying difficult experiences through the lens of a spiritual ego.

If and when you feel attacked, singled out, judged, betrayed, abandoned, heartbroken, or discriminated against — it has nothing to do with resistance in any way, but someone else’s battle against the evolution of their own consciousness. In essence, attack means someone’s ego doesn’t recognize or resonate with the higher version of themselves that your vibration reflects. It’s so unrecognizable, it seems like a foreign character intimidating their reality. So much so, they are feeling threatened by this reflection, fearing the overthrowing of their inner government and its corrupt self-interest policies, where all they perceived to be true and valuable will be lost in the name of greater progress. This causes the knee-jerk reaction of survival mode to fight the image of evolution by attacking the mirror your heart holds in their presence.

There are very evolved heart-centered beings who get judged, persecuted, and attacked due to their light threatening the change an attacker fears on a subconscious level. It's as if awakened consciousness is such a threat of change, they feel the need to defend the property line of their conditioning, as if, a higher level of consciousness is some sort of invasion.

To create a belief correlating resistance to attack is likely to make you more superstitious in your connection with Source and less compassionate for those who are abused by others. There is such a thing called resistance, but the only thing anyone can resist is a willingness to change — on a personal, societal, or global level. True resistance is not the clenching you feel in your gut when being assaulted physically, verbally, emotionally, energetically, or sexually. That's the nervous system's response to levels of threat through expressions of panic.

Resistance is when the most honorable, healthy, and empowered decisions are denied due to a fear of what anyone may lose, instead of the awareness of how much will be gained. When I was in middle school, I had a group of bullies hunt me down and surround me, while their newest member pledged his allegiance by beating me up. From start to finish, I was spontaneously enveloped in a bubble of light and didn't fight back. I allowed the attack to play out.

There was astonishingly no resistance in my system. Just an indescribable depth of serenity while being mistreated by others. I would say if there is a correlation between resistance and attack, it is much the same during a car collision. If you are able to relax, you are more likely to minimize damage by moving in harmony with the waves of force, instead of colliding against them. And yet, if something deep inside you inspires you to fight back, then that is the exact role you will play, whether it matches your spiritual ideologies or not. 

Beyond all beliefs, things don't happen or manifest because of how people attempt to control or coerse their feelings. That’s just a self-defeating form of emotional yoga imagined by the spiritual ego. Instead, things happen to place you further on your path to inspire a response of growth that helps you and everyone else become who you were born to be.

Every person needs to learn the appropriate boundaries that are employed when their or another person’s inner turmoil becomes externalized abuse.

As long as someone is abusive, doses of space are required. For children, it may be a time out. With adult children, it's more appropriate to offer greater space until they are able to take responsibility for their actions and experience. If not, greater distance which could become a permanent boundary are necessary.And just because someone isn’t capable of respecting the light you shine, doesn’t mean you stop praying for the salvation of their awakening soul. Through the vibration of unconditional love, your heart is a great parent to all. With the consciousness of mercy, compassion, and discernment as its guide, it enforces boundaries as an act of self-love, equality, and mutual respect, always holding space and praying for a more honorable version of a person to be, whether you choose them to be in your life or not.

This is what it means to never stop loving. It doesn’t mean to constantly put yourself in the line of someone else’s crossfire. It is the balance between responding tactfully and courageously to the unconscious actions of others, while never stop believing in the change each person is capable of -- no matter the distance required to inspire or maintain it.

As consciousness evolves, abuse exists to be surrendered to the Universe. On a personal level, the most direct way to surrender such abuse is leaving situations where abuse remains. On a collective level, you don’t have to leave the country when things have gone awry. Instead, the will of the people peacefully, mindfully, and intentionally ban together to declare an intolerance to the abuses that benefit few, while oppressing so many. Once the pain of abuse outweighs the threat of inconvenience, you are able to find temporary solutions that lead to more sustainable opportunities.

Even if you had to sleep in a shelter or on a friends couch, it is essential to show the Universe how inappropriate abuse is, in order to begin accessing more supportive, encouraging, and miraculous realities.

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