14 February 2020

Sources of Eco Energy ~ Diana Cooper ~ 13 February 2020

Including Plasma....

Source: Diana Cooper

As a world we will seek natural forms of power, harnessing that from water, lightning, sun and wind. Naturally we will burn coal and wood but the increasing understanding that these are finite resources and the realization of the importance of trees will make this less acceptable. We have become used to using plastic and oil based materials for just about everything. Already many countries are cutting down on the use of polythene bags but this is just a drop in the ocean. We will get used to old-fashioned ways of handling and constructing many things, until we develop new and ecological methods.

More technologists will unconsciously and consciously work with the angels and other high beings to bring forward new forms of ecologi- cal power. These will include crystals, earth magnetism, pyramid power and plant energy amongst others.

We will eventually be able to harness energy from the oceans for the use of everyone on the planet but this depends on international peace before it can be developed.

And by 2032 we will be more in charge of the weather, in particular rainfall. For this too we need much higher consciousness and international co-operation and friendship.

As people will live in smaller communities, life will be much sim- pler and we will value the limited resources of the planet. This change in consciousness will allow the new to come in. Soon after 2032, if it has risen as anticipated we will be able to use sources of power that are currently beyond our understanding and will not harm our planet in any way.

Taken from - Birthing a New Civilization - Transition to the New Golden Age in 2032

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