16 February 2020

Speed and Time ~ Lee Harris ~ 15 February 2020

Our relationship with speed and time has changed

Source: Lee Harris

We're in an all new speed, and I've talked about this on and off for the last seven, eight years of these energy updates, that we've been in a time of accelerating speed and that's still true, but speed has changed, time has changed. Our relationship to time has changed.

Again if you think back to how you felt and thought about time five years ago, and that's not just an aging thing, that's part of it, but it's to do with where we're at as a planet. Our relationship to speed and time has changed.

And the message for this month is to allow the speed of your life without fighting it and to find the slowness in it, so the more we can surrender to the speed of everything, how fast everything might seem to you, perhaps for you it's the opposite, perhaps you feel like everything is slow.

Whatever happens for you this month, I hope you're able to be good to yourself so that you can be good for and show up for others when you need to, and take time to reflect on whatever's going on in your life and allowing the speed of life to sit in your heart and to be with you.

-From February 2020 Energy Update

Watch the February 2020 Energy Update here: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/february-2020-energy-update

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