13 February 2020

Temporal Markers: The List ~ Maryann Rada ~ 12 February 2020

I came across the original article a few days ago, set it aside to see what would happen and how I would feel about it after some time. (It's been a long while since I last posted anything from Maryann Rada.) Well, Maryann talks about it again, and has listed the temporal markers down in pdf format for easy referencing. So here it is.... as always, please go with your Higher Guidance, we all know about dates and predictions. Interestingly though, the Doomsday Clock has inched much closer to midnight....

Source: Nine's Path (includes link to original article and pdf

Did you catch the latest temporal markers? So much is happening, so fast. It’s helpful to have some signs along the way.

In case you missed it… last news post I hinted that I would be gathering what some might call Pleiadian prophecies into a neat bundle for you to pore over. I hesitate to embrace the term “predictions”, just for the woo factor attached to the word, but in fact that’s sort of what they are. But not quite. More like temporal markers.

Well, it’s done. I can say with certitude that at least that marker’s been met.

Please read on....

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