14 February 2020

The Intensity of Divine Love: Repost ~ Sandra Walter ~ 13 February 2020

Source: Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloveds ~

Even with the intensity of our current magnetic shift to a brand new Gate and Grid system, I cannot help this feeling of peace within which continues to amplify, radiate, and expand my experience of the Divine.

I have come to deeply appreciate my relationship with the unknown, Gaia, Solaris, the Higher Realms, the Light Tribe, the Paradise SUNs, Source … all of these aspects merge into an All-That-Is love affair that is timeless, boundless. True Love.

To feel the Infinite Creator as Self once more is the most powerful relationship I could have dreamt for this Life. It emboldens me with the desire to raise all willing hearts into this state, just for a glimpse of the unknown. Not because it is better than any other choice, rather the experience may open the Gateway of your Heart to reveal your own Divinity.

A blessed Valentine’s Day weekend to your sacred heart, Beloveds. May you find your True Love every moment.

I felt this post from August 2014 was perfect for this Love holiday weekend. Sending all of you extra love and appreciation, and the deep Self-Love needed to honor the Source within.

See you on SUNday for the global SUNday Unity Meditations.

In Love, Light and Service,


Please read on for the re-post....

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