14 February 2020

The Sixth Golden Age ~ Diana Cooper ~ 13 February 2020

Bringing in the energy for a Golden Age

Source: Diana Cooper

In 2032 the entire universe will move into the fifth dimension. Those who wish to live in harmony, sharing, caring, co-operating and working with nature, creativity and love will form spiritual communities and a different civilization.

The souls of those who no longer wish to participate at this fre- quency will chose either to return to the inner planes for instruction, go back to their home planets in other universes or continue with a third-dimensional experience in a third-dimensional universe. All will be perfect for them.

When the light truly begins to shine on Earth again there will be no boundaries or passports. Everyone will feel welcome wherever they go and people will see the divine in each other.

We will bring forward spiritual technology to surpass all that they developed in Golden Atlantis.

We will no longer have carbon-based bodies that depend on duality. As we carry higher frequencies of light we will develop crystalline bodies. Because we will be living in harmlessness and will honour the Creator, after 2050 we will be able to explore the universes.

We are truly blessed to live now and have the opportunity to found this new way of being.

EXERCISE: Bringing in the Energy for a Golden Age

1. Stand, in bare feet if possible, on the earth.
2. Visualize golden light going from your feet into the ground.
3. Take your time to let it spread round you in all directions.
4. Imagine the grass, bushes, trees, flowers and all of nature as far
as you can see being lit with golden energy.
5. Each time you do this you are contributing to the energy that
creates a Golden Age.

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