05 February 2020

The Spiritual Ego ~ Matt Kahn ~ 4 February 2020

Source: Matt Kahn

One of the biggest tailspins the spiritual ego experiences is trying to be the receiver of intuitive direction. Because the ego is always looking for people, places, and things to validate and preserve into its unraveling structure, it of course, rushes to the forefront of your consciousness, awaiting orders from Source.

And yet, the most inspired action steps are so often the choices guiding you beyond each edge and comfort zone, unraveling the very spiritual ego that holds on by trying to do it right.

It's not as if you are missing the guidance of the Universe. It's a matter of how loudly the volume of Universal truth seems to be depending upon how little ego remains or how much is ready to be integrated. When ego density remains active, there is an assumption that Universal guidance are the action steps helping you fulfill your worldly wishes and personal desires. It's not untrue that life yearns for you to have all that you envision, but life insists on first helping you become your highest self in form before bringing you the features and benefits of that newly-expanded reality.

Since the spiritual ego only waits for instructions that matches its personal agenda or attachment to specific outcomes, it becomes frustrated when it seems to be ready for action with no instructions to debate or decode. This is all done purposefully as the Universe acts as the spiritual ego's sobriety coach, helping it sober up from its insatiable hunger for all forms of new and more.

As the sobriety of awakening unravels the spiritual ego, it becomes clear that intuition is always guiding you towards who you are meant to be, not necessarily the things you yearn to have. This is because the Universe is helping you embrace the timeless wisdom of seeing through objects as symbols of wholeness, so you can authentically accept how perfect, whole, and complete you are without the need for outside approval to verify such a point.

No matter how much density has been resolved or how much spiritual ego remains active, there is one specific question you can ask yourself to always know the exact direction the Universe is waiting for you to embrace.
When in doubt, you may ask yourself: "What choice is my heart asking me to make -- no matter how unpleasant or unpopular it is to my ego?"

Such a question helps you align with the fierce wisdom of your soul that offers guidance as a means of getting you as far along in your evolution in the least amount of time. Of course, instead of seeing how much time can be spared by taking the boldest and most direct path available, the ego always avoids the options that seem to contain the most amount of details and complications. Such options only seems so detailed-oriented and complicated to help unravel the very ego structure attempting to do it correctly.

Ironically, the anticipation of how painful, scary, or overwhelming life will be when you venture in this empowered direction dissolves the moment such choices are embraced. “It’ll be scary to change”, says the ego only while hiding from the change, whose only intention is to liberate you from despair and deliver you into the ecstasy of life’s eternal joy.

Inevitably, the ego that tries to get what it wants or follow each spiritual breadcrumb toward the hope of more or new is unraveled along the way. As it unravels, the ego actually gets what it wants but never in the way it had imagined before. It gets to be free of pain, fear, torment, and hardship by returning back to Source as the light it innocently forgot it has always been. As this returning to Source has occurs, the once conditioned ego structure now grows, expands, and transforms into the radiant loving self-awareness of your awakening soul. With love for the very ego that dissolves in order for the soul to step forward and be embodied, space is authentically and respectfully held for the aspects of self that must perish in order for new beginnings to dawn.

Your intuition may not always give you the most popular options or answers you yearn for, but it will always guide you beyond all known reference points, where the full potential of who you're meant to be can come to life in all your immaculate glory, perfection, and splendor.
Welcome to your brand new beginning.

All For Love,

Matt Kahn

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