17 February 2020

The Void ~ Clip: Deep Dive #36 ~ Jason Estes

As mentioned previously, how I look at the Void is that it's ultimately Us.

Source: MTVO (with video clip)

Jason talking about how MTVO got its name in this week's Deep Dive 🙂 This week, we focused on the "August 1st-15th Energy Updates." Deep Dive:⁣⁣
Each Tuesday, Jason will post an interview on his Facebook wall to dive into. If you feel called to play, you'll have 7 days to watch or rewatch the video and share your experiences and questions on the post.⁣⁣
Go to Jason's profile at www.facebook.com/jason.estes.965, find the latest deep dive post, and jump into the discussion ☺ Link to the video will be included in the Facebook post.⁣⁣
How to participate:⁣⁣
- Watch the video within the 7 day window⁣⁣
- Share your insights, experiences, and questions for the group on the Facebook post⁣⁣
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