12 February 2020

Throughout the Year of 2020 ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 12 February 2020

No HEART is vulnerable. Only a MIND perceives vulnerability.
Based on a memory of perceived emotional pain.
Surrendering to the heart, is each's LIBERATION

Totally agree. Just like a "broken heart" isn't a broken heart at all ~ it's the mind that's suffering, not the Heart.

Source: Amanda Lorence

The ending of all our belief systems, ends all suffering. To all our energetic fields of our form and non form. This occurs one human at a time, where each human energy increases exponentially... ripples out, dominoes effect through collective. Energy ripples.

Gaia assists us AND we naturally assist her via our energy to her. All is a giving.

Take your own time and own path within...no rush. There is no try or push or mind planning. But the opposite is true, the letting go and surrender to the NOW is our liberation. NOW is where peace is present.

2020: There is just the Grander Design coming through...through US. Keep going...

One Love 💙💎💙
Amanda Lorence

(Thank you Linda Adalina Aronsen for your below design 🙏)

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