15 February 2020

Venus Meditation February 14-15th 2020 ~ Joanna Fay ~ 14 February 2020

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Source: Love Light Meditation

Welcome all dear LoveLights on Earth  🙂

Greetings to newcomers to the LoveLight Circle Meditations, and immense gratitude to all who continue to bring your light of love into this multidimensional co-creation of planetary ascension!

Leading into our Sunday regular meditation (anchoring and realizing the New Earth within our beings and the collective energy field as already present) this weekend, we have a ‘grace-given’ opportunity to align a subtle yet very powerful vibration from Venus, at a moment when there is heightened receptivity in the human collective consciousness field to Unconditional Love and Divine Union, with the celebration of Valentine’s Day in many cultures around the Earth.

In previous weeks, we’ve talked about a subtle Venusian~Neptunian light vibration building toward a peak on February 15th’s ‘Venus Transit’, completing through February 20th’s Jupiter~Neptune sextile. With the anchoring of this warm, benevolent vibration of higher empathy and loving kindness through your being, through our hearts in unity with Gaia’s heart, with all anchoring Universal Love & Ascension in the Earth plane and assisting from the higher dimensions, this vibration is rippling into the planetary field, adding peace, compassion and softness in the Shift’s trajectory as it unfolds through 2020.

Sometimes the ‘subtle’ can become quite surreal from a 3-4D spacetime perspective, and a little further explanation is in order, for those of you who might have been looking for Venus Transit dates and wondering what we’re on about! So, Venus transits across the Sun every 243 years from our Earth view (243 = 9, the number vibration of completion and rebirth), always twice, 8 years apart. This rare event happened in 2004 and 2012, so in our linear timeframe, Venus doesn’t transit the Sun again until 2117. However, a ‘window of grace’ has been opened to roll that 2012 Venus Transit vibrationally into this Now ~ through another 8-year arc, we could say, through an Infinity Gateway ~ to further assist the ascension pathway of 2020.

This Venus Love vibration is being guided through the Valentine’s Day heightened receptivity, amplifying the subtle arc that initiated with the Venus~Neptune conjunction on January 27th, completing through a Neptune~Jupiter sextile on February 20th….and is also transmitting through the midpoint of Venus’s transits across the constellation Pisces into Aries. Feel in your heart how Venus naturally expresses through cycles of 8 (the vibration of divine order) to the Earth, as her beautiful five-petalled rose geometric pathway forms every 8 years, as seen from Earth. 

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