26 February 2020

Why are Orbs Appearing? ~ Diana Cooper ~ 25 February 2020

Source: Diana Cooper

Why are Orbs appearing?

Humans can only see and hear within a specific frequency band. Angels and other beings of light vibrate on a different frequency and because many people only believe in that which is tangible, the masses are denying the existence of the spiritual or are oblivious of it. Because of this, much of the help that is available to them is lost and huge numbers of individuals are confused and without hope.

People want proof of the existence of a spiritual world. For centuries the spiri- tual hierarchy has tried to draw people’s attention to the dimension beyond our normal senses and various methods have been tried. For example, at one time ectoplasm, a visible emanation of spirit, was created, but this takes energy and appears in limited conditions, so people were very sceptical of it. It was time for some new proof to emerge.

The angels and Masters in charge of the project chose the appearance of Orbs in photographs as a physical demonstration of spirit because they arouse people’s interest and cause them to question. In addition, every time someone sees an Orb the angels have a chance to touch that person while they are alert, curious and open to possibilities. Naturally, the angel connects with them anyway, but if their mind is closed or unconscious, it does not have the same impact.

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