09 February 2020

You No Longer Need to Keep Score ~ Lee Harris ~ 8 February 2020

Source: Lee Harris

As you enter the fifth dimension, you will find that your relationship with the past will lessen and start to disappear. Some of you are already noticing this.

There are certain areas of your life and certain aspects of your consciousness that do not feel heavy or held by your past, even if some areas still do.

If that rings true for you, if you are experiencing a lightness and somewhat of a disconnection from certain parts of your past, certain times, certain places and people, this is you entering into fifth dimensional reality - a reality where you no longer need to keep track of what happened. You are built on what happened. You have become who you are today because of what happened. But you are no longer needing to assess, keep score or grade based on any of that.

- From Meditation for the Magnetic Soul MP3

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