05 February 2020

You Will Be the Pioneers of Fifth Dimension Creations ~ Lee Harris ~ 4 February 2020

Source: Lee Harris

Fifth dimensional consciousness contains a heart frequency and a frequency of love that was rarely present when the forms you see around you were created.

It is not that the people who created the tables and furniture (and all other things you see around you) were not capable of love as human beings - they were. And many of them were creating from love, but at a different level, of a different kind.

So as more and more of you walk into and toward the fifth dimension in the coming decades, you are going to see an extraordinary shift in the heights and things and experiences and forms that are created for you as human beings. And many of you will be the pioneers of these fifth dimensional creations.

- From Meditation for the Magnetic Soul MP3

Full MP3 here: http://bit.ly/magneticsoul

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