31 March 2020

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 30 March 2020

Source: Laura Eisenhower

When someone tries to overly define something or tell us how to see something or relate to something, it is very similar to religion. We don't connect into our own inner voice and we take someone else's word for it instead.

Thinking for ourselves is the most important thing. Of course researching is a part of finding our own answers, but it also goes beyond info. We are creating in every moment.

To put too much on predictions, robs a bit of our own creative power and freedom. Our beliefs eventually become a reality and that is why people say careful what you wish for, or that something is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I love studying DNA and Galactic Astrology because it is about you, your uniqueness, gifts and abilities, it is a map and it helps us heal and awaken dormant aspects of self.

I think the most important thing we can do is find our Sovereign self, be free-thinkers, define things for ourselves and be prepared of course and research -- but never forget that these times are about remembering self-knowledge and our quest for this is the greatest Discovery.

It is the key to opening gateways, unlocking dormant DNA and activating Galactic Chakras. We can't Ascend or move on to the next level if we aren't willing to illuminate and reveal our hidden treasures.

Amanda Lorence Updates ~ 30 / 31 March 2020

Divine Love is all inclusive
It is simple
It is already free, and it sets each free

Source: Amanda Lorence

EVERYONE will change. You will observe the difference within all peoples. It will appear like some people’s human personality and abilities have suddenly changed. They did, a while ago, but they have had to JUST HOLD BACK, their NEWER HIGHER FREQUENCY HERTZ human version, for the perfect Timeline to come.

They’ve been waiting for far MORE of HUMANITY to become more open. They have been waiting, around Gaia, in knowing, to give OUT as they each can, as Service to the WHOLE. That timeline is coming in 2020.

One Love,
Amanda Lorence
30 March 2020

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 31 March 2020

Source: Amanda Lorence


Please just take what resonates...

I say this again and again, that each are in their own ‘timeline’, create their OWN reality by their thoughts, words and actions. By their choice made. But NEVER is this more poignant, than NOW:

Every human being, is quite literally COMPLETELY IN THEIR own story. That HAS to play out, for each. Yes, the Collective events and timeline (as one entity) can influence each, to be in a polarised perception at either end of the spectrum, and anywhere in between, OR be neutral. I will explain:

As per EACH’S individual and PERFECT story, whether awakened or unawakened:
1] Some will be in fear (at various degrees of energetic frequency that matches ‘fear’). This is their experience within the polarity field.
2] Some will be at opposite end of the spectrum, in extreme LOVE/LIGHT denial. Where they ignore the collective timeline to such degree, placing their energy the opposite end of the spectrum. But that’s still IN a field of polarity. This choice ignores the Mass Collective that in highest truth are also YOU, are your brothers and sisters. Thus choosing to be high frequency of Love/Light. Where true compassion of SEEING you as all, is absent.
3] Others, regardless of awake or asleep choose FIGHT mode. Whether within the matrix, as conspiracy, or as galactic warriors at war, magnetically brought IN from the astral planes.

All the above are playing out perfectly. Each are having their UNIQUE, and perfectly tailor made experience. Everyone, be they unawakened of open heart and mind, or closed. Be they recently awakened, or ‘spiritual Gurus/Teachers/Wayshowers’. None are right or wrong. We are all facets of Light and consciousness, rising in consciousness. We are supposed to be individual with our OWN UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE for this game to play out, that is moving towards it’s crescendo. And NEXT PHASE of living in a consciousness no longer being separated from Source. Some are already experiencing Creator through them. But regardless of stage, there is always, the highest choice of experience: in order to rise further: by choosing to BE IN ZERO POINT.

Is the observer mode. In the middle point. Neither + or - but 0. Neither holding fear or delusional denial. Zero point is balanced neutral state. No judgements, no definitions, IT’S INNOCENT as just the observer of the WHOLE field of humanity playing out. Zero point flows IN THE NOW. It observes WHAT is GIVEN in the NOW to it’s individual story. Knowing no story is the same. At this state of neutrality, there is no polar reaction of fear or delusional denial. There is COMPASSION for all. For to ignore the collective, is a choice to be separate from ALL humanity. Put bluntly: a choice to choose which parts of GOD/CREATOR you ignore, and which parts of GOD/CREATOR to be with/as. We are all of it. The whole point to this play/illusion/hologram, is for God to experience through you ‘forgetting what IT IS’, then to remember it is all, everyone, everything. The human through STAGES and INITIATIONS acknowledges ALL THAT IS is the everything and the no thing. When the human acknowledges this, it can no longer escape God for one instant. It is everywhere and everything. The human will then experience ONENESS, that can not be undone, for that KNOWER is then ‘knowing’.

The journey of ascension is to dissolve all our individual behavioural patterns and belief systems. Not from a negative viewpoint (which is polarity), but reach a neutral view point by our own observation of our OWN self, behaviours, reactions, and choices we each made being placed as a light facet, into forgetfulness, for this game.

We all go through the SAME stages/initiations. Just that our own storyline line is different to each other. Your power lies in observing YOUR storyline and the clues given to YOU. In thinking, speaking, acting, from YOUR own facet, so not to repeat history, to not become a clone to fit in, that only seeks to copy another human being WITHIN their dream to fit. YOUR POWER is in being YOU as YOUR PUREST VERSION. For to take on another’s story and style is to give YOUR INATE power away to your dream. We are unique FACETS for a reason. Each’s uniqueness IS their gift to the WHOLE.

The stages of ascension allow for the physical embodiment of higher and higher energetic HERTZ frequency, which in turn gives a higher and higher ‘truth’, perspective, or understanding. No understanding is ultimate, there is always more. These understandings allow for advancement within this game. But in truth, higher than that, ultimately there is nothing to define or understand. Human mind understandings are just stepping stones back to knowing ALL THAT IS, as within so without. And with that FULL embodiment, (which happens in stages) we embody the Divine power in this experience with a human body. We become the Divine vessel at ONE with the Creator. As that balance and neutrality, the Creator can utilise the human vessel to work through. God/Creator, IS everything. Is YOU, playing at forgetfulness and creations. Is everyone, everything, and is nothing.

To be in fear is a choice and creates your reality for more to fear.
To fight, be that at lower realm or higher astral realm wars, is to also create that reality for you in your experience.
To negate and neglect our brothers and sisters within unawakened humanity, is to choose to negate parts of God. Where the whole point of this ‘game’ IS to KNOW God as all things, all people, all creation.
In SEEING and FEELING God as ALL, the initiate becomes AT ONE. Where there is no judgement of this or that, no judgement of this person or that person, no better than or less than. The SEEING that each, all, everything, nothing, IS GOD, and was all along.

Everyone matters. We can take that statement as a human mind ideal with the heart. Many unawakened are also so pure of heart, helping each other in this collective timeline the best way they can. Yet within the awakened community, many still choose ‘fight’ or a delusional denial of JUST BEING LIGHT. Both are opposite ends of the whole spectrum within the field of polarity.

Zero point is a choice. Per individual. To be neutral. To not judge. BE OUTSIDE OF THIS REALITY, but beyond the astral. To be and emit the frequency of LOVE. Which is the highest frequency the human can ever be. To be peace. To offer compassion, to each man, woman, child and realm. Just because they LOVE. Because LOVE has no borders, is NOT separate but ALL INCLUSIVE. Love is simple. It requires nothing, it just GIVES.

Whilst there is such a significant and perfectly designed Collective Story at play within the matrix itself, there is also ‘play’ at every layer of light frequency (dimensional space). There is much and great distraction, be that in the matrix, or in the astral realms human beings access. Both the matrix and the lower astral are illusion, LEARNING GROUNDS and both part of this grand game. To be observer, in neutrality is to go beyond the astral by learning how it works and WHY it is there, TO FINALLY COME OUT OF AND GO BEYOND the astral, into the casual plane. This Casual Plane, away from the astral field, takes the initiate into becoming the knowing of God within, and physically feeling God within. In truth, becoming just a VESSEL for God to enter, and GIVE out through YOU. The human steps aside again and again for this to happen. The ability to step aside, is the journey, where we progressively let go, one step at a time, of the small mind programming widely labelled the ‘Ego’.

Some that embodied their Higher Self no or after equinox 2019 have been building, growing within in preparation for their FULL embodiment of God Consciousness. They already feeling, knowing the Creator within, but it still is a step by step process. Others will follow. Everyone is at different stages of this mass ascension, that’s perfectly designed for each. There are no shortcuts. It’s done through personal choices made over and over all the way through. So just keep going. It all leads home. To ONE. A SIGNIFICANT PORTAL will open, then remain open, for the first FULL EMBODIMENTS to take place. We will enter this at our ready point, one at a time, not all at once. I emphasise, when that Portal is OPEN, that Portal will remain open.

Regardless of current collective influences and circumstances, each awakened is still on the path to see inner behavioural patterns, dissolve them, to rise higher in frequency thus consciousness. To become their Higher Consciousness, in human form. To become wise to all creation. We can not CHANGE anything or anyone in our dream. We have already created that ourselves. But we DO learn to create NEW. As ONE. The power to create for THE WHOLE, can only be accomplished by the individual that SEES, THINKS, IS...at ONE with all people, all things and all NOTHINGNESS. Serving THE WHOLE. Until then, there is only more creation within their separated field experienced at their state. Where more ‘lessons’ have to occur within this grand design until each create not for themselves as a separate individual, but create for ALL, including themselves.

Please just take what resonates and discard if it doesn’t. All that counts, is YOUR journey, your perspective unfolding, your reactions to YOUR dream...because it’s YOUR creation again and again. And always just a choice...there is no right or wrong, for only a perception makes it so.

Keep going...you are so supported in every NOW moment.

One Love
Amanda Lorence
31 March 2020

(Please forgive the typing, it’s hard to do linear typing and thinking now. We just need to BE NOW and the rest will just unfold).

Relaxation and Fluidity ~ Lisa Renee ~ 31 March 2020

Source: Energetic Synthesis

During these times learning how to slow down and achieve a relaxed state of mind is of vital importance, especially when retraining and clearing out our subconscious mind programming. The simple truth is that when we rid our body and mind of destructive habits and useless distractions we create more balance, which naturally manifests more grace and ease in our life.

Our brain and our mental body is much more effective when we have slowed down and works more optimally when we are in a relaxed state and calm atmosphere, because this is the natural state of our core spiritual essence. All forms of mental anxiety, stress, and over intellectualizing makes our mind speed up to having too many thoughts at once, and this overwhelms and clouds our Discernment, causing us to make poor impulsive decisions. To make contact and communicate with our subconscious layers, as well as our super consciousness layers, we need to go slower in order to reach a totally relaxed Meditation state and stay fluid within the energies. Energy bodies behave like waters moving in an ocean or river, if we can sense our inner energy when it meets the outer energies, we can navigate the surrounding waters by paying attention to the energy flow. We go with the flow in a state of relaxed fluidity. If we are moving too fast and not paying attention to the energy flow, we can get carried in the current of stronger forces in a sudden and unexpected tidal wave and this is when we get hurt or injured.

Thus, it is important that you learn to induce a simple meditative state in yourself, where you become the observer and are incredibly relaxed, and yet you are alert, not so relaxed that you fall asleep. Obviously, this state is not for when you are doing heavy physical exertion, but in the majority of your waking life, you can be in this relaxed state of fluidity paying attention to how the energy feels around you, while doing simple tasks or at work completing responsibilities. Using single focus and staying presently focused on the task in front of you, while naturally adjusting to the energies that are making subtle changes to the environment. In the early stage of developing Meditation skill we have to sit, relax and learn to observe the thoughts passing through without having attachment to them. Once we notice the thought pattern, we let it go and bring our focus back to the now moment. The next stage is adjusting to the energies inside you and outside of you. Each of us must find the most natural state of being for our body that feels good in the energetic flow, and not let our mind interfere with that natural state of calm and equilibrium. In our natural state, our inner self will strongly align with the outer self to bring harmony and wholeness between the inner and outer.

Please read on....

Vlog 160: Is There a Greater Purpose for what is Happening? ~ Patricia Cota-Robles ~ 31 March 2020

For those interested, you can listen to Patricia Cota-Roble's vlog here.

I did hesitate before posting this ~ the usual self-debate I have on an almost daily basis when weighing both sides of any information I'm not entirely sure about (can't help it, being a Libran). As I have explained before, I sometimes hold two seemingly opposing views at the same time, because I see elements of truth in both, and therefore create a third picture.

In this vlog, Patricia Cota-Robles states that the virus is meant to help Humanity achieve a degree of Unity, and is related to the deep cellular shifts we are experiencing, right down to the electron (which Patricia explains in detail in an earlier vlog).  This means that massive purging is taking place, and a manifestation of that is the virus.

Based on the hypothesis explained by Dr Thomas Cowan (here), this could be seen as a possible perspective, with help from a bio-weapon.

Based on the concepts of manifestation and the Morphogenetic field, this can be seen as a massive and quick purging required of Humanity, via the route of a viral pandemic.

As always, just follow your own Higher Guidance. Ultimately, we are ALL basically expressing our views based on our own filters. And as I always maintain, no single source has all the answers, in spite of what they claim.

Jason Estes Update ~ 30 March 2020

Source: Jason Estes

Dear Humanity,

I am honored to be a part of you at this monumental time and so happy with the way you have chosen to play the new game
over the past few weeks i have seen and remembered why i wanted to join you and my hope and faith in you has been renewed at a whole new level
your kindness in the midst of the biggest storm has warmed my heart in places i didn't know existed and your level of love for each other still baffles me
thank you so much for being you and teaching me to be a better me 
together we will grow in new and profound ways and i am enjoying the ride very much so thank you ...

I challenge all of you to take a few moments and write a Dear humanity letter and share it with the world
you may find there are places in you now awake that you didn't know before and writing out a letter to humanity may be a spark that helps to ignite a new found sense of wonder.
if you choose to play add #dearhumanity so others can easily find it

Also Humanity has now chosen to move out of chaos and into peace
over these next few weeks radical changes will occur that change the way we understand ourselves and all of humanity
congrats to all of you who have chosen to stay the work is far from over but the dreams u knew were possible are soon to come ::hugs::

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 30 March 2020

I feel that to see this as a correction of imbalances ~ rather than a war against dark evils ~ enables us to appreciate a Bigger Picture and at time, a more expanded perspective.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

In silence and in meditation, let's all meet in the Unified field, connecting with the Zero point and Unconditional Love of Source. Lets hold focused intention together and see the Oneness and our unique roles as instruments of the Divine Creator.

Source intervenes through us -- when we move beyond duality, mind-control and the lower Worlds and refuse to be portals for dark entities and agendas and we choose Truth, integrity, Wisdom and Love, we will cut through the heavy density and the light will pour in. Miracles and Magic is ours, it is available to all.

This is how we can support the benevolent forces, Guardian races and positive Military to do its job and defeat the dark evils that have harmed us for too long. When we overcome the traps of the Ego or any aspect of self that has fallen into separation, and re-align it with the Higher Harmonic Universes, we will be a conduit of positive and powerful change and Transformation.

We have been taught to forget ourselves, so see this as a time of reunion and let us all meet where the true Organic Light of the Mother/Father reside within and without.

Let Nature be the guide and find the inner treasures of our eternal Soul self and amplify that inner voice. Bring it to life through Art, Music and writing ~ open the Gateways, know we aren't alone. Call for assistance, ask your higher self to fully come in and shield the self from Archonic forces. Let's all join together and hold the vision of a beautiful future.

Breathe deep as much as possible and embrace your Authentic true self. Remember your abilities, find intimacy with the Divine and know the Great Mother will nurture us from the inside out. She will never abandon us, we have to choose though to not turn the other way.

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Not Being Valued ~ MTVO

Not being valued is now being released and cleared from within and around me

Here's the link to continue with the rest of the commands.

Strong Incoming Energy ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 30 March 2020

Amanda Lorence

Strong Incoming Energy started approx 9:30pm BST time (20 mins ago)
It can be blissful but will affect each differently

7-Point Soul Map ~ MTVO ~ 30 March 2020

Source: MTVO

Our first Soul Map day!⁣

The Soul Map is one of several energetic disks above the crown of the head, in between the Grand Portal and the Godhead, that helps us bring light into form.⁣

Over the millennia, our Soul Map disks were corrupted, and we weren't able to return "home" to the Celestial Realm to fix them. However, with the dissolution of the Astral Plane, our ability to restore these disks has returned. Today marks the first wave of energetic support designed to help us with the repair process.⁣

We look forward to many more of these days next month as our Soul Maps are cleansed and restored to their awesome capacity! πŸ’›

#ascension #awareness #consciousness #spiritualascension #wayshower #5d #energywork #selfhealing #selfmastery

Joint Cobra / Benjamin Fulford Interview by Prepare for Change

Source: The Portal

You might want to listen to the new joint Cobra / Fulford interview on Youtube here:

Or read the transcript in English here:

In German:

In French:


And in Spanish:

Victory of the Light!  

30 March 2020

Current World Theme ~ Gene Key 2: Control - Authority - Valour ~ 30 March - 3 April 2020

To act with Valour is to enter a higher world

Source: Gene Keys

"No matter who you are and what kind of life you lead, at certain points in your life you are given the opportunity to act with Valour. These moments are mythic moments and the script of your future life hinges upon them. 
To act with Valour is to enter a higher world."
Excerpt from The Gene Keys

The Compassion Virus ~ Gary Zukav ~ 29 March 2020

In a nice sequence of Synchronicity, here's something from Gary Zukav.  Gary was one of my first Wayshowers (Seat of the Soul) ~ he was one of the first that I came across to explain that what lay ahead (this was about 20 years ago) would be based on Spirituality. Whatever that isn't aligned with Spiritual growth would cease to matter (literally, too), and this included business, leadership etc. Earlier today, I had just written that ultimately, it's all about Spiritual Evolution

Source: The Seat of the Soul

The Compassion Virus is concurrently infecting the human species along with the c*v. The more you know about it, the better.


The incubation period of the Compassion Virus may be quite long. Infection can occur months or years prior to the appearance of symptoms and even predate the birth of the infected individual. In these cases, infection is deemed to have occurred in another personality of the soul of the infected individual. Five-sensory diagnosis is impossible because souls and other personalities of them are undetectable to five sensory clinicians.


Individuals in the early onset stage of the Compassion Virus appear asymptomatic. Physical symptomology is absent, however, internal nonphysical markers are self-identifiable by the infected individual. He or she begins to question why he or she performs certain actions apart from obvious benefits and detriments. Is it for the benefit of himself or herself or/and the benefit of others? At this stage the Compassion Virus becomes contagious.


Advanced symptoms of the Compassion Virus include behavioral changes such as interest in the well-being of random others. These aberrant behaviors hinder accumulation of influence, ability to manipulate and control, acquisition of redundant houses, automobiles, clothing, and luxuries, and accomplishment of conventional aspirations. Infected individuals eventually exhibit compassion for everyone, including individuals they previously disliked, for example, greedy, exploitative, insensitive, rude, brutal, masochistic, and sadistic individuals. This serious and significant symptom signals the final stage in the progression of the Compassion Virus and indicates that it has taken control of the infected individual. At this stage the Compassion Virus is highly contagious.

Please read on....

Tuning In ~ Rachel Scott

Source: MTVO

Each week, we Deep Dive our video content and discuss it 😊⁣

How to participate:⁣
1) Go to Jason's FB profile at www.facebook.com/jason.estes.965 and find the latest Deep Dive post⁣
2) Watch (or rewatch) the YouTube video⁣
3) Share your insights, experiences, and questions on the post on Jason’s FB wall.

The Law of Description 🌌⁣ ~ Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness

The Law of Description is that Law which serves as a tool for creative purposes. This is likened unto the paint brush of the artist, the chisel of the sculptor. Description as that which carves out images, creates boundaries, creates shapes and forms, creates limitations, creates confinements, and creates also those concepts which expand those boundaries to release from confinement.  

The Law of Description knows no morality. The Law of Description is capable of creating anything for any entity. This relates unto the Law of Magic in that anything described is on its course toward creating a manifestation to the degree of impact on its description. The nature of manifestation depends upon the intensity of the collective or disruptive energies involved.

Source: MTVO

The Law of Description 🌌⁣

The Cosmic Laws are meant to illuminate and bring understanding to the spiritual laws that govern this universe and which all beings are subject to.⁣

The laws can be found in the book, "The Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness," which is available as a free PDF online. You can find it easily if you do an internet search of the title of the book.⁣

#consciousness #mtvo #selfhealing #cosmiclaw #universallaw #spiritualascension #5d #energywork  

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Feeling Guilty About Doing Nothing ~ MTVO

Feeling guilty about doing nothing and taking rest is now being released and cleared from my mind

Please complete the last command here.

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Desires to "Educate" Others ~ MTVO

Desires to "educate" others are now being released and cleared from within my body

Please proceed here for the rest of the commands.

Keeping Your Immune System Strong! ~ Donna Eden & David Feinstein ~ 27 March 2020

For those who are interested, Donna Eden has a second video to help boost immunity, and here is where you can access it:
Eden Energy Medicine

The first one was three weeks ago, and you can find it here.

Lisa Transcendence Brown Update ~ 29 March 2020

Source: Lisa Transcendence Brown

This is a "time" (vibration) of re-prioritizing, realizing, observing, seeing and shifting all from within................... ♥ Embrace the opportunity to expand beyond "the old" and DECIDE what you are willing to allow, experience and call forth as a part of your own NEW EARTH EXPERIENCE/REALities here..... Connect deeper and open completely up to your own Divine Intelligence/Guidance/Purity/Higher Self-Soul-Source Self and ALLOW your physical body's vibration to RISE back to NATURE/NATURAL and your heart energy EXPAND fully until full PEACE IS RESTORED within......................

Pure presence.... feel the songs/sound of CONNECTION.... ALLOW YOURSELF all that is available as you release all that is no longer highest aligned within your own reality.... so that your whole body/being/energy can SHIFT to a whole new timeline/reality fully and hold/anchor/activate/create/live this one fully........................



Huge Gateways are opening (more) --- again, continuously.... embrace fully and HOLD HOLD HOLD your LIGHT as LOVE!!!!! ☼

With the utmost respect and love,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ♫

COSMIC RESTART: March 30th Begins a New 260-day Galactic Cycle! ~ Eden Skywalker ~ 29 March 2020

Source: Awakening Galactic Culture

On The Galactic Calendar, March 30, 2020 marks a COSMIC RESTART! It is called Kin 1 – Red Magnetic Dragon – beginning a new 260-day evolutionary spin. This energy signifies a Rebirth moment for humanity. It calls us to prioritize connecting to our Beingness ~ to our capacities for Nurturance ~ to our Oneness with All of Life. This is a time to align with Renewal and New Beginnings.

In light of these intensely challenging times, let us welcome this restart, and be open to new, positive possibilities – even if just in our attitudes and inner orientation. What do you want to call in to your life to support your journey right now? Take some time and set intentions for this new galactic cycle (March 30, 2020 – Dec 14, 2020).

This Cosmic Restart occurs during this potent moment of Planetary Pause we are all experiencing. We all realize what an unprecedented time we are in, as never before has business as usual been stopped globally. While this is an exceedingly difficult time for our human family, it is also an initiatory time as it is catalyzing us to reflect on many essential aspects of life.
Undeniably, there is great tragedy in all we are collectively facing. Yet let us also look for the majesty that is interwoven into this moment. As we confront the reality of our shared vulnerability, and tune in to our brothers and sisters around the planet, we can deepen our genuine care for our Oneness with each other, and this can give us a new spiritual foundation to grow upon. From this consciousness of our Oneness, we can realize that each one of us can directly positively contribute to our shared field every time we emanate life-affirming vibrations such as calm, compassion, love, kindness, humility, generosity, faith, surrender, courage, etc.

In the midst this global calamity, there is also a great richness of opportunity for us to take stock and introspect on many fundamental things. This Restart, Re-birth time invites us to really look inside and see: Who are we in this moment of pause – how are we showing up? Who are we in our fragility? Who are we in our resilience? What direction are we headed in our lives? What course are we on personally and planetarily? Where has our focus been, and is that aligned with our heart’s integrity? What are our values? What do we have to be grateful for? How do we feel about the reality of Death and impermanence? How do we relate to the Unknown? Do we believe in a Benevolent Mystery? Do we sense a Divine Orchestration beyond what we can comprehend? How do we process through our fears? 

Please read on....

46 Tzolkins from the New Dispensation of Time and Galactic Reset: Evolution or Revolution? ~ Harmonic Convergence 2020 ~ 29 March 2020

Ultimately, this is what it distills to, in its most basic premise ~ the Spiritual Evolution each of us undertakes to become a Higher Consciousness Being. No change in systems or structures will improve without a rise in Consciousness. As I've maintained for a long time now, this is, and has always been, all about Spiritual Evolution.

Source: Harmonic Convergence 2020

Humanity is at an evolutionary crossroads. With a world progressively coming to a halt due to the current planetary emergency, every-day life on Earth is now rapidly shifting. We are entering a completely new territory where widespread uncertainty, confusion and fear are palpable. This is causing many to fall into biblical / apocalyptic narratives… “End Times” narratives… The times that many ancient traditions foresaw. What alternatives do we have now to face this new crisis? As Jose Arguelles well put it:

“The only meaningful response to such a transition as is now occurring is to shift our consciousness to meet it.”

There is another story taking place in a parallel reality behind the third dimensional veil of illusion. With events on earth appearing NOW to be spiraling into increasing levels of volatility and unpredictability, is KEY to keep present that above and beyond the external world of chaos, the synchronic order keeps informing us that we are entering into higher resonance with the larger HARMONIC patterns of Time. This is the case NOW.

Today we are precisely transiting the last day of the 260-DAY Sacred Calendar. KIN 260 13 Sun marks the END of a Galactic Cycle of 260 days and tomorrow, the START of a NEW Tzolkin matrix on KIN 1 1Dragon (1.1).


As the 13th day of the 20th Wavespell of the 13:20 Tzolkin Matrix and the last 13-Day cycleKIN 260 serves as the holographic repository “time container of the 13:20 Natural Time frequency of the Green Central Castle of Enchantment (the 5th and last 52-day period of this 260-day cycle at the HEART of the Dreampspell Journey Board.

This is therefore a very sensitive window of time on planet EARTH. From the fractal time perspective, KIN 260 also codes the last Katun of the 13-Baktun cycle of recorded history (1992-2012). This last day on the Tzolkin holds then the holographic imprint of the last 20 years of recorded history. How is this?

From this perspective every day on the 13:20 Matrix corresponds to one katun of 7200 days and every column of the Tzolkin to one baktun of 144.000 days. Therefore, everytime that we transit the 13th harmonic run of the Tzolkin we are going through the holographic memory imprint of the events that transpired during the 13th baktun of time on Earth.


The TRANSCENDENTAL RELEVANCE of the 13th Baktun of recorded history in the context of our multi-layered and simultaneous present-day crises taking place around the world was clearly defined by Jose in his book “The Noosphere Manifesto”

“By examining the thirteenth baktun cycle, AD 1618–2012, we have a clear register of the course of the 12:60 artificial timing frequency in its world dominance. It took seven of the 20 katuns of the final baktun cycle to establish the revolution of 12:60 science and generate the industrial revolution, while in the final thirteen katuns of a total 260 katuns, the whole complex of modern, or more accurately, Gregorian global civilization has arisen. It is during the final thirteen katuns that the human species, under the total dominance of the 12:60 timing frequency, has undergone an exponential explosion, the creation of the technosphere and the subjugation and destruction of the biosphere. From a population of one half billion in 1750, the human species has increased twelvefold to more than six billion in a mere 250 years. Before 2012, at the present rate, another billion humans will be added to that figure. What does this mean as we rapidly approach the brick wall of time known as 2012?

Baktun 13 (Long Count marker to The last cycle of 144.000 days comprised between Gregorian 18.9.1618 (ALPHA) and 21.12.2012 (OMEGA)
The purpose of the Great Cycle is to point out and define the moment of “judgment day,” the apocalypse of the Gregorian civilization and the end of the artificial 12:60 order of time. Given the exponential increase of man and machine, driven by money, it is more than obvious that by the final katun, 1993-2012, we are rapidly approaching a saturation point in time. The chronotopological pond of history has filled up, and there is nowhere else to go. Only prophecy can puncture the otherwise closed container of human thought enveloping the planet in the form of the 12:60 technosphere. By virtue of their advanced knowledge of the nature of time and the development of a science of time, the Maya alone were able to set forth a prophecy that establishes the criterion for determining the error in time, and hence, for understanding that judgment day had arrived. Inasmuch as the criterion is the distinction between the 12:60 timing frequency which governs all of human civilization and sets it apart from nature, and the 13:20 universal timing frequency which governs the whole of nature, the prophecy also sets forth the Thirteen Moon 28-day calendar as the instrument for making the decision to return to the universal timing frequency. Only by making this decision, says the prophecy, will humanity avoid destruction and reap the benefits of the rewards for the righteous after the apocalyptic “end time” – that is, the end of 12:60 time.

Telektonon, the prophecy of time, was decoded during the first year of the final katun -13 AHAU – the 260th katun of the 260 katuns of the cycle of history. This prophecy defined the seven year chronotopology of the seven years of prophecy, 1993-2000, or in the terms of the new dispensation of time, Yellow Magnetic Seed through White Resonant Wizard years. The purpose of the seven year cycle was to alert humanity of the error in time and to avail it of the opportunity and necessity of changing the calendar, replacing the Gregorian with the Thirteen Moon 28-day calendar. The effort made during the seven years of prophecy resulted in the articulation of the law of time and the creation of a global seedbed of humans aware of and even following the new time known as the Planet Art Network (PAN). Thus the ground was prepared for the next phase of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement and the application of the Law of Time, the Campaign for the New Time.”

Jose Arguelles�Manifesto for the Noosphere


Kin 260 also closes the last 52-day cycle of the Tzolkin Matrix. Within Dreamspell cosmology this 52-day window acts as a holographic memory repository of the “Moon Genesis” as it starts on KIN 209 1Moon. As presented 520 days ago, this green area at the heart of the Journey Board holds then the karmic memories of the “ERROR in TIME”, occultation of the Power of the number 13. This passage is also referred as the “Theft of Time”… Let´s examine the attributes of the ALPHA and OMEGA Gateways of this decisive window.

KIN 209 1Moon (ALPHA Gateway of this 5th and last 52-day cycle of the Tzolkin) marked the entrance to a very sensitive and intense fractal window of time. A massive consolidation and tectonic re-arrangement of smaller cycles into larger sets of cycles within the fabric of TIME–SPACE is taking place within this 52-day cycle that we are about to finish.

KIN 260: 13Sun: (OMEGA Point) of the 260-day matrix codes the last KATUN of Recorded History. It was during this last 20-year period that the Telektonon Prophecy was received (1992-2012).

From this Fractal Time perspective, 22 December, 2012 marked the entrance into a new baktun of 144.00 days (baktun 14) and a new katun of 7200 days (19.7 YEARS) that will come to an end in the year 2032… This 2012-2032 window of time, corresponds the first Generation (20 years) of the new 260-katun cycle. It is then a period of INITIATION as it is coded by KIN 1 1Dragon.

This Generation marks the start of the 7 Baktuns of the Noosphere that will come to a close in the year 4772 to complete ONE PERFECT HOLOGRAM of 20 BAKTUNS or 1 PIKTUN (20 Baktuns)

KIN 1 as KATUN 1 also codes the “Birth of Venus”…


We are currently transiting the 33rd solar orbit since the fulfillment of this prophecy and the Day Out of Time of July 25, 2020 KIN 118 will mark the completion of 33 YEARS since the New Dispensation of Time. 33 is a number associated with degrees of initiation in various esoteric traditions. Since the year 2020 is in direct resonance with number 22, this masterful synchronization between the Gregorian the year 2020 and the completion of 33 years of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 is testimony of the redemptive power of the New Dispensation of Time calibrations.

This is of special numerical significance as next KIN 1 (1.1) is synchronizing with the Gregorian date 03.30.2020. In simple numerology zeroes and points are discarded, therefore this coming galactic reset date can be reduced to numbers 11 (KIN 1.1), 22 (2020) and 33 (30.03). These are the 3 Master Numbers… They create what is known as the Triangle of Enlightenment, where 11 and 22 sit at the base of the triangle, and 33 sits at the top (11+22 = 33).” (See Master Kin 33)


The Gregorian date 03.30.2020, KIN 1 (1.1) marks not only the completion of a new Master Number Milestone, but is also marking a new evolutionary phase for humanity within the process of Galactic Synchronization. This Master Synchronization STAR-GATE portal is of special evolutionary significance as the number 46 is woven into our Human DNA… How is this?

The Tzolkin of 260 days measures the cycle of Human gestation, and serves therefore as the holographic time container of LIFE. The human body is encoded with the natural Time Frequency: Our bodies are comprised by 13 joints and 20 fingers and toes, and our spinal chord has 33 vertebrae (13+20)

The completion of this 46-Tzolkin milestone is in direct resonance with the 46 chromosomes present in human DNA. This of key harmonic significance considering the following numerical alignments taking place within the human life-span:

>> Each cell normally contains 23 pairs of chromosomes (inverse of 32), for a total of 46, while the Human DNA code is comprised of 64 codons, reverse of 46.

>> From this fractal evolutionary perspective, within the human life-span the completion of 64 Tzolkins is always followed by the completion of 46 years:

64 x 260 days = 16640 days
46 x 365 days = 16790 days

>> 260 days ago on KIN 241, right at the start of the 13th column of the Tzolkin matrix we completed 32 years from the “New Dispensation of Time”. This year corresponds therefore to New Sirius Cycle 32 within the New Dispensation of Time, and 32 correspond to one perfect half of 64.


“The coming days and weeks of this new planetary crisis will be definitive for the future of the planet. Now is a time for deep reflection on the state of our world and on how we wish to shift the way we live our lives on this planet. Society has an opportunity to change, are we paying attention?”

These alignments are opening once again a perfect window of opportunity to look up to the sky and tune in to the larger picture. Let’s elevate our focus of attention to rise above the current climate of fear propagated by the old paradigm. With so much chaos transpiring around our planet now, it is wise to take some time to focus our attention on the sacred ratios and proportions of the synchronic order and enter into resonance with the larger harmonic patterns and cycles of time.

To close this note we leave you with some wise words by Jose Arguelles from his last book “Manifesto for the Noosphere”, that can assist us in the process of comprehending and confronting the scale and magnitude of the events transpiring now on Earth:

“The point is this: When we understand the scale of the mega crisis, we realize there is nothing that can be done about what is going on within the old system of behavior and belief. You cannot stop an evolutionary shift that is encoded – much like the stages of fetal development are encoded into the embryo’s genetic material – into the whole system process of a living planet like the Earth. The only meaningful response to such a transition as is now occurring is to shift our consciousness to meet it. And this is precisely the prescription that augments and affirms the coming of the noosphere.

When we extend our awareness and shift our consciousness to encompass the full meaning of this evolutionary shift, we can begin to retrain ourselves – refocus our psychic energies and redirect our practical actions – to come into alignment with what a noospheric civilization, a holistic and holomonic planetary culture will, of necessity, be like. We can begin to live the “new time” before it arrives, and by doing this, prepare the way for others.”
JosΓ© Arguelles / “Manifesto for the Noosphere”


May Peace, Harmony and Beauty prevail on Earth!


TO LEARN MORE, PLEASE READ ENTIRE ARTICLE @ https://tortuga1320.com/2020/03/27/noospheric-emergence-part-11-fractal-redemption-the-end-times/

#NewTime #FractalTime #FromHarm2Harmony #Evolution


To honor this initiatic passage into New Sirius Cycle 33, and the completion of 1328 years from the Prophetic Long Count date, a new educational initiative was set in motion in 2016:

The Calendar Referendum 2020 educational campaign`s objective is to reach a critical mass of humanity to adopt and implement the 13-Month, 28-Day Calendar as a new Harmonic Standard by the end of this year 2020… The 13-Moon, 28-Day Calendar establishes a new harmonic standard for timekeeping that promotes greater access to our inherent creativity and capacity to live in harmony with each other and the planet.

To sign and support an open petition for Calendar Referendum and Declaration of Universal World Peace, and to ensure that humanity adopt and implement the 13-Month, 28-Day Calendar as a new Harmonic Standard 2020, please go to:

To download the 2019-2020 transitional 13-Month, 28-Day WALL Calendar, please go to:

Thank You for your SUPPORT and for your TIME! 

Jason Estes Update ~ 29 March 2020

This was posted by Jason Estes two hours ago. I've highlighted the part to which I feel it's important to pay attention, because we have the tendency to associate acceptance with agreeing, just like believing forgiveness is being weak or condoning what has happened.

Source: Jason Estes


In 6 hours we will go through a major choice point and depending how humanity decides will determine how much more depth we need to explore into chaos as peace ambassadors

our main focus in life is to learn to accept all the moments that have been and all that could be

if we can rally together enough people to work through the fear they see in others within themselves and the judgments we can end the need for this cycle of action and move forward into a truly miraculous world

if you wish to be the change take these last few hours to really sit with yourself and find the things that are still unacceptable or that you are still blaming and shaming others for

a great movie to assist with this is "The Shack" and a great practice to do is make a list of the 5 most unacceptable acts you have witness of heard of, then # them from 1-5 from hardest to accept to could accept with some work, and begin to work through #5 and go up from there

you will find each thing you accept allows more acceptance for the next and once you have empowered yourself again the worst thing can be accepted

a reminder for those who are new to acceptance this doesn't mean agree with, it simply means you paused enough to accept that it is and because it is there is a reason 

if your struggling with this concept take a moment and watch "The Wave" which is a great movie about balance.

Lastly we will begin the soul map unlocking it has been almost 2.6 billion years since humanity had access to their soul map so this may lead to some headaches and toothaches as your body comes online to its true potential

there will be a course correction in everyone's lives and on the world stage

if it is not in-front of you to be part of the world stage course correction please focus on your life first and know it is in-front of others who have trained in levels of acceptance to begin to work through those things happening behind the scenes

no one is more important then another at this time but each have very different roles to play so work with whats in-front of you and let others work with whats in-front of them... ::hugs::

Energies are Off the Charts ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 29 March 2020

Amanda Lorence
Energies are OFF THE CHARTS
It truly is the timeline and week to be within, go quiet, feel, BE, receive, expand....
As only YOU can

29 March 2020

Sunday Incoming Energies ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 29 March 2020

 Amanda Lorence
Sunday incoming energies to the Crown (and brain) are already off the charts
See you soon to anchor
One Love


Please visit www.gov.uk for a more expanded scope of the report.

What unfolds next remains to be seen....

Don't Say They Didn't Tell Us ~ The Mamos from the Heart of the World

A truly powerful message. And references to "crown"....

Source: The Great Balance

We, the Mamos from the Heart of the World, that is also the Heart of the Universe, from our Sacred House. the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, greet all our younger brothers and sisters of all the races of the world, the great brotherhood, all masters, the lightworkers, all of those who are on the path to change consciousness, to those who are awakening to a new consciousness and also to all those who are still asleep. We invite you to reflect on what is obvious, what everyone is talking about, the message that crowns us all as a single unit, in a single pain, in a single suffering, as a single humanity that suffers, cries that it is broken and that has to rise empowered, different, freed from incomprehensible egos, from values that did not help, and from powers that left us weak and tired of carrying them and that did not help when we needed them most. The Mother spoke, life shouted it in our faces, nature revealed it, the unintentional fires screamed it as a Truth.

But we did not hear them, because we were busy with grandiose work for ourselves, because they did not touch us directly, because we were busy building a better tomorrow without knowing for whom or for what. Today, we cannot say that we were caught off guard, that we were not warned, that it was a surprise. Don’t say they didn’t tell us. We, the Mamos who have learned for hundreds of generations and lineages to take time to develop communication with the higher and lower dimensions, who lived for 18 years of our present life learning to silence our minds, to desensitize our biological bodies and our senses, to extinguish our egos, to put our minds to sleep so that they do not judge, do not sentence, do not condemn. In those years and until the end of our existence we continue to learn to be Mamos, by sharpening the senses of the higher being and training ourselves to perceive, with the senses of the soul and the heart, the whisper of the divinity carried by the wind, the breeze, the waters, the clouds, the mountains, the animals, the forests, the very small like the bacteria, the visible and invisible beings, as the guardians of our Sacred Sites. We have learned that they speak with the innocent laughter of children, in the old wisdom of the one who is already leaving, with the color of the clouds, in the melting of the Chundwas (snow peaks), in the birds that stopped flying, in the volcanoes that woke up perplexed and began to roar until they made Mother Earth tremble.

We the Mamos read it, understood it, witnessed it when the slow and accurate walk of the father sun changed, hugging Mother Earth until she was burned, and when the lunar cycles no longer aligned to direct life, the planting time and the harvest. Younger brothers and sisters, the things that may seem insignificant to you have an enormous meaning for us, the Mamos. In every natural event, in every manifestation the Mamos see a messenger and a message, a guardian, a teacher, a counselor, who offer us the opportunity to hear, to dialogue with them, with Mother Nature and with Mother Earth.Thus, we learn the power to lead without insisting that others follow us. We call those viruses, bacteria, those who do good things for us or who plague us, or alter our time and space, our Elder Brothers. Today, one single tiny entity is producing a huge disturbance forcing all of us to make a stop on our sacred pathway of life.

Please read on....

You are Creating New Systems Through Your Energy ~ Lee Harris ~ 29 March 2020

Okay, preaching to the choir, I know ~ but it's still a nice post :)

Source: Lee Harris

What many of you forget, when you are looking at the supposedly ‘breaking’ system around you, is that you are also creating new systems - through your energy. For energy is the seed of form.

The reason these systems are breaking is because consciousness is changing on the planet. The old systems served you very well for a time of your life. So try to look at the change lovingly.

- From 2020-2030:The Golden Age of Connection MP3 - available exclusively to members of The Portal

Learn more here: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/the-portal

And Nature Rejoiced.... ~ Nicolya Christ ~ 28 March 2020

Source: Nicolya Christi (more photos at this link)

And the world stopped …

And Nature rejoiced …

The skies returned to the winged beings …

The waters to the aquatics …

The peace of the mountains and forests to their natural inhabitants …

How long it has been since these worlds within worlds were stolen from our brothers and sisters - Nature.

May we all realise that human beings have ...

- for too long encroached ...
- for too long owned and possessed ...
- for too long hurt Nature...
- for too long stolen from Gaia.

When this moment of 'pause' is over … I pray we uphold, with even greater determination and fervour, the rights and habitats of all our winged, finned, furred, hoofed, crawlers, sliver and sliders ... leafed and flowered ... every life form that IS- just as we are - a child of Mother Earth.


Nicolya ❤️❤️


Photos taken on today's walk in an isolated area in the Black Forest, s Germany.

Raphiem Update & Hypothesis from Dr Thomas Cowan ~ 29 March 2020

Here's Raphiem's latest message ~ his website is Mission Ignition. 

In tandem with Raphiem's message, here's a hypothesis from Dr Thomas Cowan regarding viruses in general. Dr Cowan's theory certainly made me think for a while ~ he believes that toxicity causes the body to expel the toxins, and these excretions are what we call "virus". This, he says, ties in with the introduction of 5G.

I feel I need to insert my own little comment here (great perk of having your own blog 😁 ) ~ regardless of which perspective we choose to subscribe to, we ALL have our own role to play here, NOW, without being in fear. Ultimately, what we do in this time we are in matters more than which version we believe.

Raphiem's message follows:

Last night I had the below vivid dream.
I dreamt that scientists all over the world were frantically working away in their labs to find a cure for the CV. After a while they all came to a conclusion that the CV did not exist and that there was no such thing other than the standard normal strains of flu.
However what they all discovered was this was really a “MIND VIRUS” spread by the govt, establishments and institutions. Many scientists began reporting this to the wider public.
Soon after the scientists were one by one mysteriously being murdered. People began rioting in the streets as governments and countries began major war outbreak with each other.
When things got real bad out of the sky large extra-terrestrial  motherships/spaceships began descending. Spaceships as large as cities all descended upon and hovered above the major cities of the world. Upon their arrival they began beaming out a signal in all languages telling all mankind that we are not ready for contact and the sharing with us of their “spiritual technology”.
They said, the way we all blindly believed the virus, did not discern and the way we went into a state of frantic panic and fear meant we were not open minded and responsible enough yet for contact with them. They said they would return in 37 years (2057) and had hoped that we would be ready by then. They said if we're not ready by then, they would have to take the Earth away from us as we did not deserve her and had become a virus upon her, slowly choking the life out of her.
The motherships then all began ascending and departing. As I watched one of them depart a laser beam shot out of the bottom of the mothership and hit me straight on my forehead for which I quickly was awakened out of my sleep. End of dream.
Some of you are upset that I am not accepting the modus operandus view that this CV virus is real to the effect where 10% have unsubscribed. I don’t sell anything, having nothing to lose and so will continue with my stance even if there is no one left subscribed.  This virus is not real and does not exist in the way the media is flogging it to you.
Virii have existed since the biological creation of DNA/RNA for after all DNA/RNA replication operates much like a virus.
Each year many die from viral influenza in numbers higher than those who have died so far from CV. Millions walk around possibly already infected with the flu just like each and every year before this year.
Maths and numbers are one of my core strengths and the numbers touted for CV are manipulated to make you believe we’ve been hit with the bubonic and black plague all in one. Just remember, in the 2018 flu season, 80,000 people died from influenza in the USA alone.
A good resource to read up on is:
Both are choc full of data and references and is updated daily. It’s a long read but the best education you will get on why the plandemic status of this virus is a hoax.
If the above does not make you think then watch this video and look at the date “November 2019”
F.E.A.R will attract not only the virus but a host of other health ailments and diseases. It will attract and gravitate to you the very reality you do not want and are afraid of in the first place.
This plandemic is nothing but a media psyop operation in spreading F.E.AR over a normal average virus that is no better or worse than previous years.
The only real virus here is the F.E.A.R mind virus. And this certainly has gone into overdrive. I am sure those beings who thrive and use our F.E.A.R vibration as food would be now gouging themselves on our F.E.A.R not to mention adrenochrome   generated by our glands/chakras when in a state of F.E.A.R.
When water transmutes from a liquid state to one of gas (steam) it must go through a chrysalis process we know as the” boiling point”. The boiling point appears violent and turbulent. This no different from when a caterpillar goes through the painful processing of extracting itself from the cocoon to morph and break free into a beautiful butterfly. Humanity is now at that point.
Last but not least is my new video "Human Angels have No F.E.A.R at: https://www.brighteon.com/bb9d4c0a-1a81-4a0f-b5e5-6d3e7b3fe0bd
The main character in this video is a chap by the name of Olig Cricket whom was not born with the fear gene. His lady friend i bow down to for such courage see minutes: 1:30 and 6:45
May you all be in greater vibrations.