27 March 2020

4:4:4 ~ Celia Fenn ~ 26 March 2020

Source: Celia Fenn

Those of us on the New Earth timeline will have noticed that the Ascension downloads continue unabated, no matter what occurs on Earth on the other timeline.

We have some special and beautiful energies coming up next week, perhaps to give us a little respite from the harsher energies of the Capricorn/Pluto transit.

At the moment, the bright and beautiful Morning Star, Venus, is tracking towards the Pleiades. She will be nestled within the energy of the Pleaides on the 3rd of April.

The Divine Feminine energy will be amplified and Light Codes for the New Earth timeline will flow from Alcyone in support of Earth's transformation.

The next day will be a powerful Ascension portal, a 4/4/4 star gate. (4/4/2020 = 4/4/4).

The "4" is a number of manifest reality, and it indicates one who has stepped into their power as a creator of their own reality on Earth. At this time, we can step forth and claim our power as willing Co-Creators of the New Reality. It will be a powerful time, and many Light Workers have been called forward to hold large scale meditations to shift the energy on Earth.

It is just a magnificent time to hold the energies of Love, Peace, Beauty and Harmony for the Earth and for New Earth.

Pluto will still be a factor, with its powerful focus on Transformation, and it will be amplified by Jupiter, both in Capricorn, so this energy will still be present but its influence is on the wane as Saturn moves into Aquarius at 0 degrees and Mars at 2 degrees, opening up space to begin to manifest the New Earth.

Saturn does return to Capricorn (and Pluto) in August through November, so while energies may lift we will still have a little way to go before we clear this transformative energy completely.

So, Beautiful Friends and Fellow Light Workers, now is the time to keep the faith and keep moving forward with a loving and grateful heart.

We are loved and supported.

Blessings and Grace to All!

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