24 March 2020

8-Point Field Influx ~ Jason Estes ~ 24 March 2020

Source: Jason Estes


In a few hours we will begin the 8pt field influx

this is a very special influx as we get to see our final fears and remaining wounds as a collective

that being said if things seem to get worse world wide know this is temporary and the final push through the fear gate

those of you who have done the work and processed through your fears choose to be a calm centered space for the world

this is the final of the hard adjustments to the timeline so know this too shall pass ::hugs::


  1. In January I got an incredibly strong feeling I would be having a baby. I emmersed myself for about a month in research around birth specifically. Today I have referred back to a list of birthing affirmations I made during that time. It is very helpful for me as we are in this "final push" in the birthing process, now that we have been in the uncomfortable "crowning" period.

    1. May it be a hugely successful birth for us all....