20 March 2020

Aluna Ash Update ~ 20 March 2020

Source: Aluna Ash

The Toilet Paper-Hand Sanitizer-Clorox Wipes Frenzy of the Collective shows a subconscious release.

Toilet Paper is used after releasing... Energy/consciousness enters through the Crown/North Pole & is released through the south pole- energetically & physically.

Hand Sanitizer & Clorox Wipes are not usually purchased or used excessively, only after a belief has surfaced into the awareness that there is a need.

Any & ALL viruses are held in time/space by the idea- a Collective agreement. Right now, there is an idea or mixture of ideas/beliefs surfacing of a need & desire to release in order to rise up in consciousness above what is or has been hidden or unseen.

It is the beginning of greater change, the beginning of a major turning point which will make more sense to many after June.

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