22 March 2020

Aluna Ash Update ~ 21 March 2020

The Cosmos is determined that we continue to receiver ever-amplifying intensity and frequency of energies ~ 21 June is also the Solstice. Also the connection to the Solar Corona Rotation....

Source: Aluna Ash

The June 21st 2020 New Moon Solar Eclipse (with the North Node) on Solstice- astronomical alignment, along with the Vesica Piscis mid point aligned perfectly with the galactic axis, will create changes in Solar Corona Rotation.

I know I have talked about the changes with the magnetic field of the Sun and how it relates to shifts in timing frequency & Consciousness alot... as well as this rare astronomical alignment of June 21st, 2020.

I will be talking about this more on the channel soon (but I will probably change the word Corona to something else because of the ideas now attached to that particular word.) The Planetary Body is just a greater version of the same geometry of an individual consciousness attached to/expressing through an individual body.

It is all Divinely synchronized.

The movement and different alignments means Light/Fohat/Spirit is hitting different angles of the Planetary Body, activating & integrating different Spheres of Consciousness within individuals within the Collective Mind synchronizing with the Planetary & Solar Consciousness.

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