20 March 2020

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 20 March 2020

The previous post before this one is where you can find the live show that Amanda Lorence references, or just follow this link to access the video directly. For those who haven't yet listened to the show, I would like to reproduce my remark:
I just finished listening to this. You are all The Event "veterans" information-wise, but I'm pretty sure you bolted upright when Amanda Lorence nonchalantly said that The Event would occur on a Sunday, after we see a Green Ray being transmitted via our Sun (around the 1:05-hour mark). Whoa....
Source: Amanda Lorence


If not already, and if it resonates, please update yourself by watching the Data given out on last night’s Live, on this wall, hosted by Kerry K Samadhi (on Kerry’s Facebook Page Samadhi Speaks by Kerry K). So you are updated, and I’m not needing to repeat too much.


Today (19 March 2020), the energy I feel in my physical body is categorically showing me that 22 March 2020 will bring a significant and noticeable energy to all. Because I know and work with energy, my body has ALWAYS indicated to me:
when to write a post,
when to do a ‘Live video’,
when to go to a location in the world,
when to act.

It is an energetic response within me that is of so much CERTAINTY, I can not, not act. It takes over in a sense.

Today, my body response as energy, is indicating, that 22 March will bring a very significant incoming ENERGETIC.

I am very aware the the DATA already shared, to START weekly gatherings each Sunday on Gaia’s Heart Chakra, is to:
1] Accumulate people as an accumulative weekly SUNday event on the Tor.
2] To educate humanity how to gather in geometric formations throughout the world, at their own gatherings, as being formations of sacred design means we receive and give out far more potency and frequency of energy.
3] That ‘remembering’ how to gather, sends energetic signal, from below, remembered, as above.

That said, knowing the first gathering is the FIRST of many to come, I KNOW TODAY, via my body, that SIGNIFICANT energy arrives to Gaia on 22 March 2020.

So wherever you are, please at least check in with your body, how it is physically feeling, reacting on that day. Let go, flow, allow, relax. It’s a day of US as ONE saying ‘Yes, we remember’. But as always, when we GIVE out of our hearts, we are GIVEN back unto us. It is a universal design of GIVING. This is why it’s so important to come out of the processor mind, and drop into an open, and very innocent HEART. Expect absolutely nothing, but just GIVE unconditionally your presence, as LOVE.

At the very least, pay attention periodically to your body, by dropping thought, dropping mind...and FEEL during your day of 22 March 2020. And if it feels aligned, spread the knowledge of how to Gather, even to unawakened if it feels right for you to do so (sacred geometrical human shapes). Because ultimately, many WILL awaken, during this year.

Remember also, as previously explained, March is the month many already awakened experience BIRTH of their Higher Self within, if not already. And then undergo step by step unfoldments unique to themselves. Previous posts and Lives explain that stage. It flows, step by step. So just allow, for it is so perfectly timed.

I re-iterate...22 March will be SIGNIFICANT energy. Finally, just join the Live from the Tor if you want to. But please know if there is no internet signal, it won’t be broadcast BUT WILL still be occurring On Gaia’s Heart Chakra, at 11.11am UK time. I will attempt to start LIVE at least 10 minutes before we quieten down at 11.05am, for the ANCHORING to begin at 11.11am.

One Love, keep going beautiful beings. So much more to come. Amanda Lorence
20 March 2020


  1. Yes been mega, jupiter pluto mars, shudder. 2 day relaxing intigrating energy incoming.. I live in glastonbury. Yesterday was guided to share your med. But i too go to well, or wellhouse lane, where mary michael line converge. Amazing soft rainbow light at well house lane. The ley has shifted a few feet down die usual equinox wobble. Guides got me to dowse it couple years ago, in prep.... 2day message is spread the love and light FASTER than the cv. Ibcant change the comment as, dont know how. Sorry. If you dont post as comment. Can you get this to amanda, confermation for her. Thanks lin

  2. Dis med, fantastic. Post say she do online. How do i accsess. Lin

  3. Did you get my messages to amanda. I cant manage facebook. Lin. Can you send her my email, if she would like to contact, me. We lightworkers, usually do on inner. I disabled so cant get to tor, but would like to contact, n share, mega builtiful stuff as i joined her from my bed for her tor med.... in end i got...WE GOT TRANSMUTE THE CV... IN TIME HIGHEST GOOD FOR ALL.... can you reply me grace please

    1. Hello Linda, Amanda Lorence has asked that people respect her time and not message her directly. I am not able to leave a comment on her fb because I do not have access.

      Please continue doing your wonderful Light work, thank you so much for all that you do. Many Blessings