26 March 2020

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 25 March 2020

Source: Amanda Lorence

Never in our recent history, is there a greater time than NOW, to Love every man, every woman and every child. Love has no outer borders or self created inner barriers. Love is an energy frequency, that at certain embodiment degree of said energy of LOVE, IS the healer, IS the peace, IS the balance, IS the change. IS the divine Alchemy each hold.

For unconditional LOVE, is given for no other reason than it IS LOVE an energy frequency, expressed OUT. It IS the alchemist. And each hold that seed, to notice, choose, nurture, grow, to blossom.

Never underestimate the power of PURE LOVE. Never underestimate your ability to help another. As presence. No words are even necessary. For LOVE is not a word spoken. But an energy felt within human, that is given freely, out. It holds no expectations of outcome. It just IS Love. An energy frequency expressed.

One day all peoples will remember the truest knowledge of the power that is LOVE. How it heals them first inside, and once healed, will want to GIVE of that power, out to ALL others and all realms.

We can create on many levels, but PURE LOVE is the TRUE alignment of presence, each seek with their Creator.

We are ONE family. LOVE is the alchemist, the highest truth and ever expanding state. Love has no limits. It’s purpose is to GIVE of the ONLY essence it is...PUREST LOVE.

Love One Another. Love everyone. Be the Change. For many in fear and dispare (despair) will seek reassurance in the coming weeks. And they too shall seek within, in their own unique way, and rise as ONE, TOGETHER.

Amanda Lorence
25 March 2020

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