22 March 2020

Balance and Harmony are Needed Now ~ Celia Fenn ~ 21 March 2020

Source: Celia Fenn

Dear Friends

What a chaotic and difficult time we are living through right now. Many of us are living under the restrictions and lockdowns of the Corona Virus pandemic.  I feel much for those of you living in Europe and the USA, as you move from day to day with levels of uncertainty and apprehension. Here in South Africa we are about two weeks behind you so we are still dealing with the beginning phases.

I think it is so important right now to remain calm and clear and centered.  Be reasonable in the precautions that you take on a daily basis if you are in one of the places where the virus is a concern,  but move through your days with faith and confidence.

I think it is also important to "up" your spiritual practice, and take time to meditate and pray.  We are indeed also in the early stages of a Great Awakening on the Planet.  It is important that we "step up" in order to hold light and be light for others. We have been "in training" for many years so that we could navigate the turbulent waters of 2020!

Remember, as I pointed out earlier in the year, that powerful conjunction of Pluto with Saturn was always going to initiate major changes and restructuring on the Planet. Saturn is moving slowly away from Pluto, but Jupiter and Mars are now close to Pluto, creating tension.  I did say too that March would be a challenging month, and so it has proved to be.  I do think that these energies will begin to ease in April as Venus transits the Pleaides, bringing in a more gentle and loving energy.

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