25 March 2020

C*V Conquered ~ Dr Piroja Pardiwalla | Homeopath, Mumbai, India ~ 23 March 2020

That title makes a bold claim. Logically, it is possible. Sometimes it's the simple, basic solutions that work the best. Here's the link to the video.

In this video, Dr Piroja Pardiwalla recommends some practical and totally doable remedies that can deal with the current health situation. She's coming from the POV that if everyone does what she recommends, we will be able to stop the virus in its track very quickly.

Also imagine if everyone in the Healthcare sector can keep themselves healthy and minimise their exposure to risk this way, using Mother Nature's assistance.

I totally understand if some are grossed out by the thought of dropping coconut oil in the eyes. I hesitated a long time before I did that for the first time, too. After more than a year, I will say that it's now part of my daily routine. Just a word of caution ~ do it before you sleep, or else you won't be able to see properly for quite a while.

I would also add that you can use Franch Oil (which is castor oil-based) to line the insides of your nostrils. I have done that quite a few times already when I got sniffly, and it works like Magic!

Also consider Clove oil (or make your own Clove solution) for gargling. It's a powerful anti-viral. But not for your eyes, please!


  1. I remember we being south Indian my mother used to massage castor oil and used to spread below the stomach if the child had pain we used to get oil bath and bask in the sun for 1 hr or so and get hotwater to bath with sikakai rubbed in the head instead of soap lunch invariably on that day will be Garlic Rasam

    1. It took me a long time to appreciate Rasam (too sour and garlicky ๐Ÿ˜„) but wow it cured me of a threatening migraine within 20 minutes! Now I try to have it every time it's available. Castor oil/Franch oil....so good but so viscous.... Many Blessings