20 March 2020

C*V & Light Language DNA Activations to Assist ~ Keleena Malnar ~ 20 March 2020

Keleena Malnar is a new to me, and this video was recommended by a Beautiful Soul ~ thank you, dear Trisha ๐Ÿ’—

Please listen to this session here.

Keleena's message about the current situation is generally from the same perspective as those from the various sources I've posted here, and I really like what she has to say. She has plenty of helpful suggestions, one of which is having a sauna to help with throat/lung congestions.

Keleena also reports that there's a massive awakening unfolding, starting with the individual Crown Chakra (also the virus name). She stresses that The Event happens within the individual first ~ being in our Heart is key.

One of the things she said was something I've been feeling so strongly in recent days ~ Cosmic Mum's energies pouring in now. She also has a wonderful "Mason Jar" guided meditation to help contain the virus towards the end, plus Light Language Activations. I will admit that I don't really resonate with this type of Light Language, even though I'm well aware many sources speak this "version". That is just my own preference.


Keleena is answering the call of many of you to address the virus and also brings forth powerful activations to assist you during this time. She shares information she was given months ago and also some knowledge brought forth on how to assist you. She also takes you through a detailed meditation to assist in the containment of the virus as was shown to her by spirit. Stay in your hearth and your highest joy. We are love and loved. 

Keleena is a Divine Wayshower of Ascension, a Trance Channel Medium, Multidimensional Quantum Energy Healer, a powerful Light Language DNA Key Code activator, shamaness and more. 
She works on all rays speaking all of the universal languages of light in love assisting in the awakening of humanity to begin their purification process. She has journeyed through the twin soul path to her Divine Twin Ray Partner since a young girl. Keleena assists all souls, of all paths. As a high priestess of Isis, she initiates for the Order of the Magdalene Sisters of the Rose. Keleena is also a high priestess of the Melchizedek Order. Her personal message from source in 2016 is that she is here to lead the people home, which means, to lead humanity from their created egos back to their Sacred Hearts for Ascension. 
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Take what resonates and leave the rest behind. 
"Learn to live from the heart; learn to live in love." ~Keleena 
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