26 March 2020

Earth is charging her energy and getting ready for THE SHIFT

I will have to reluctantly listen to this later ~ the title and description promise that it's going to be something we need to hear, so I'm posting it first.

Here's the link:

PS. I just noticed the number of views:

Laura details her Quarantine experience thus far!

The video today discusses a session where the client went off planet (Sirius type water planet) then the crystal kingdom, and then onto New Earth.

We are given up to date (5 days old at time of posting) information regarding the Shift to 5D New Earth and what is happening at the moment.

Gaia is getting ready to throw her frequency back out and magnetise us to the 5D grid. We can all help by placing crystals in our homes and creating grids. We will see light in the oceans then in the skies and finally we will light up too and look the same.

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