20 March 2020

Entering a Cycle of Love ~ Stephanie South ~ 19 March 2020

I activate in order to Love 
Bonding Loyalty 
I seal the process of Heart 
With the Electric Tone of Service 
I am guided by the Power of Timelessness 
I am Polar Kin, I establish the White Galactic Spectrum

Source: 13:20 Frequency Shift White Electric Dog

Today is White Electric Dog that kicks off the Season of Love! This is a 65-day cycle that concludes on Spectral Moon 21, (22 May 2020), White Lunar Wizard.    

With so much fear circulating through our beautiful Timeship Earth, let’s see how much LOVE we can generate and extend to others in this 65-day cycle.                                                                                                                      
Today is also the spring equinox (Northern hemisphere) that brings us balance of the solar and lunar energies. Synchronically, in today’s fifth force oracle, we see the Sun as the antipode and Moon as the analog. We have the Wizard of Timelessness guiding us, with the hidden power of the Spectral Monkey (11.11), helping us to liberate our illusions about ourselves and the world.  

At this time, when many of us are in self-isolation, it is an excellent time to focus on cultivating our heart and activating our inner avatar. Reflection, meditation and cultivating our health, both physically and mentally, is key. Love and forgiveness boost our immune system (along with our vitamin C, D, zinc, oregano oil, silver, etc.).

We are all in unfamiliar territory, with converging timelines and shifts of cosmic proportions taking place.

It is important to be extra kind, and patient with each other as physical and economic fears are being pumped into the collective matrix. The good news is that planetary awakening is accelerating for those who are ready. This requires being willing to shed illusions held in place by our conditioned mind, and being humble enough to accept that reality may be nothing like what we thought.

Everyone awakens in their own timing and not before.

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