19 March 2020

Equinox Gateway: "The Gateway to GOD on Earth" ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 18 March 2020

Source: Think With Your Heart

For those approaching the “critical vibration point” within the body, as discussed in recent reports, our Higher/GOD DNA is activating and will amplify thru the equinox to resurrection (Holy) season in April.

The timing of this particular activation is no accident.  Just as humanity is turning inside-out, the ascending collective is turning right-side-up and we are utilizing this potent window of polarity to achieve the impossible.

This equinox...what my Sources are calling "The Gateway to GOD on Earth"...officially ushers us into the physicalization of the Divine (DNA) Template which commences under the Aries sun.  That means this week we move into the "germination phase" of the Original (12D) Tree of Life, following the implantation of the Seed of Life (in the sacral center) that took place during the Virgo Super Full Moon (on 3/9).

As the New Earth Template begins to take root in the physical realm, we are steadily & incrementally increasing in physical vibration for the (template) transposition of the flesh body into a Temple of light.  This equinox activation series will incur a 3-month window of assimilation by which we will reach peak frequency at the June solstice.

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