20 March 2020

Equinox Unity Meditation ~ Sandra Walter ~ 19 March 2020

Thursday March 19 @ 8:49 pm PDT (UTC -7)
Join as one in the unified stillness of our sacred Heart and Divine DNA

Source: Sandra Walter

This is the passage we described years ago: the moment when the external is collapsing, we have to be physically apart, and our hearts open wide to collectively #UNIFY despite the circumstances. Love overrides the lesser agendas and realities. We create #Peace, no matter what.

Join in the moment of Equinox for a powerful synchronized infusion of BALANCE. Center yourself, breathe and set your intention to connect with all Unity Meditators.

Open to serve as a pure conduit for peace, harmony, LoveLight and the acceleration of the Ascension. Meditate in stillness for 33 minutes.

If you don’t meditate, simply hold a peaceful vibration and visualize peace, harmony and unconditional love for all of creation. Pray, tone, create; any spiritual practice which amplifies the higher vibration of Unity Consciousness.

Everyone in Service to Unity Consciousness and Global Peace is welcome! Invite everyone to join in, the more hearts the better.

Because #Ascension.

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