25 March 2020

Everything Changes, But It Can Only Change You For The Better: Golden Rule #7 ~ The Universe Always Has A Plan ~ Matt Kahn

Excerpts from "The Universe Always Has A Plan"

Golden Rule #7: Everything Changes, But It Can Only Change You For The Better

Why does true, abiding happiness come from within? Because everything changes. If your happiness is defined by outside things, then your happiness is like an emotional stock portfolio governed by the movement of your personal markets. Self-worth goes up, and it crashes and plummets, based on the circumstantial movement of your personal reality.

...While circumstances don't always immediately improve, you always get better. When you really internalize this rule, you become a conscious participant in life. That's when you really accept the deeper invitations into the heart of surrender. Surrender is not sitting on the couch waiting for life to do it for you. Surrender is facing what you encounter, opening up, receiving what is given, and knowing it will only make you better because that's life's only option. You can't go backward. You can only stay exactly where you're at until you are ready to step forward into the destiny of your true glory and greatness. Best of all, you don't have to wonder what series of events you might need in order to become this highest you. All you need is to be willing to stay the course by letting go and loving yourself throughout each twist and turn.

In order to become a willing participant, you have to know what it means to be an unwilling participant. An unwilling participant is one who is attempting to avoid the gravity of surrender, who is negotiating with life instead of opening to it. In the old spiritual paradigm, it would be seen as a form of contemplation. But in order for true insight to dawn, we must ask how our lives are only changing us for the better with no further negotiations in mind. Within this Golden Rule (of Everything Changes, But It Can Only Change You for the Better) is the opportunity to discover meditation from a different perspective. Oftentimes, when we try to meditate, we likely find a quiet space, close our eyes and begin negotiating for more preferable circumstances. Meditation is not negotiation. Meditation is what happens when negotiation dissolves. Negotiating with life is to assume that what's happening is a mistake. Remember Golden Rule #6, the Universe always has a plan? If the Universe always has a plan, then any form of negotiating could only veer you off of your highest path.

When you are embodying this Golden Rule (Everything Changes, But It Can Only Change You for the Better), you are cultivating the soul's attribute of stillness. The ego lives to negotiate, but the ego isn't capable of being still. This is why if your ego is attempting to meditate, it's likely an internal negotiation with the beautify of empty space.

...When adversity enters your life, what is really happening? Adversity is often how you interpret change or loss. When the perception of adversity strikes, it means your current rhythm has been disrupted to let you know it's time to grow and expand to the next level. When this happens, that jarring rhythmic disruption simultaneously expands the light of your soul, while also triggering your ego. As you become more emotionally free, you are more aware of how often the soul expands, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the reactive nature of your ego.

Mantra For Rule #7:

I can see how everything changes me for the better whenever I am still. 

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