24 March 2020

Gene Key 17: Opinion - Far-Sightedness - Omniscience ~ 24 - 29 March 24th - 29th 2020

Nothing is hidden from the Eye of the Truth
Source: Gene Keys

"At the end, we will remember all. 
We will be able to replay all our lives and see the thread of our evolution. All will be seen in its golden perfection. 
I have told some stories of Omniscience during this series. There are many great teachers who have displayed this gift. It used to be much more common. In the highlands of Scotland where I spent some years when I was younger, there was always a tradition of people with the second sight, and it was often passed on genetically through the same family. Always there have been seers and oracles in the world. 
But one day we will all see again through the single eye. It is the eye of the I. Nothing is hidden from the eye of Truth. 
So it comes towards the end of evolution. It’s a kind of finale. When this eye opens, it opens in humanity as a whole. Illumination pours through it and purifies us. With sight comes the end of evil or corruption. That’s why it is called the evil eye. Because it ends evil. 
You can’t hide from yourself. You have to face yourself. 
We see these images of deities with thousands of eyes. Imagine all those eyes staring into your being. And they don’t just stare. They cleanse you. This is the gaze of God."
Transcribed from Dare to be Divine Webinar Series 

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