20 March 2020

Gigi Young Update ~ 19 March 2020

Every now and then, we need a great pep-talk to fuel our motivation. Here's one example....

Source: Gigi Young

News is moving fast! There are so many narratives each day to analyze. We will be busy for months unpacking all of this but through that important process we will see clear patterns emerging.

Many important cards will be revealed and we will have a new level of understanding emerge. A layer of confusion, chaos and darkness that once hovered above society will be peeled away. Some of the mystery and 'conspiracy' that was once so easily dismissed will now be sitting on a table in front of us in full Technicolor.

A new entity of sorts will begin to emerge on stage, a force that once found its greatest power in obscurity will begin to show its face. As the man behind the curtain comes into view a great sense of power rises in our bellies - we remember this time! We have been here before!

Make no mistake, the hand of the ppl currently in power is forced due to a timeline that they must work within. This is a poor position to be in strategically, no matter who you are. Time casts all shadows to the surface, eventually. This time, these shadows will not escape into the ether to live another day, they will be observed and transformed by all of us.

This pressure to unroll specific plans for humanity by global leaders will give us more power to gather together & catch all of the mistakes being made as events amplify. Our work is to push for accountability as many of these moves are revealed to be solely to remove our freedoms rather than to protect our genuine well-being.

Like clockwork, there will be more pushes to create chaos in the world. But if we can steady our hearts and minds with the glow of the Sun, if we can keep our eyes in focus, we can see this as an incredibly empowering time. A time where we have the ability to bridge many of the awareness gaps in society and thus create better institutions.

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